Grim Smiley Surfaces in Seattle

Grim SmileyThe Crud is dead. Long live The Crud!

One of the most rockingest bands to ever call Hawaii home has moved to Seattle, and has been reborn under a new name: Grim Smiley. (Loud autoplaying music alert!) “Grim Smiley represents contrast,” explains vocalist and Hawaii native Ben Henry, who came up with the new moniker. “It represents the struggles I had growing up, and some of the bitterness that comes from that. But it also represents a positive silver lining, an optimism that, while insipid, has helped carry me through the darker days.”

Drummer Justin Vincler has always considered Seattle his second home, and bassist Mark “Marky D” Di Nitto, a New York native, is no stranger to following the music muse wherever it may lead. Says Vincler, “I think our music could be exactly what people in Seattle are looking for.”

The new Grim Smiley website, which launched yesterday, will eventually include a blog, a podcast, and other goodies. And, of course, there’s also a MySpace band page. The band’s long-awaited debut LP, “Antidote,” is due out in December under the Grim Smiley banner.

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  1. September 15, 2008

    […] we last checked in with Grim Smiley, the band (formerly known as “The Crud”) was getting settled in […]

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