UH Issues Security Alert Over Shooting Threat

The University of Hawaii-Manoa Campus Security Office has sent an e-mail alert to all students, faculty, and staff after a “suspicious male was overheard in a City bus talking to himself about planning to shoot 30 students at UH.” Some offices on campus are reportedly on voluntary lockdown as a result.

The alert, sent on behalf of security chief Neil Sakamoto, includes a description of the man and asks people to call them or the Honolulu Police Department if they spot him on campus.

Campus Security has been notified that a suspicious male was overheard in a City bus talking to himself about planning to shoot 30 students at UH. The male got off the bus in McCully.


  • Male in his 40s
  • Black/Gray Hair
  • Dark Eyes
  • Camouflage Shirt with an American Flag on it Khaki Shorts Tennis Shoes

HPD and Campus Security Officers are actively patrolling the Manoa Campus at this time looking for this individual. If you see someone matching this description, please contact Campus Security at 956-6911 ot HPD at 911.

Although UH Campus Security has issued alerts in the past, today’s notice was unusual insofar as it addressed an active potential threat, rather than recent incidents or general warnings. It’s not clear whether there will be follow-up or “all clear” notices, and as of this posting, there’s no other mention of the security alert apart from the e-mail.

It’s been a tense day in Manoa already, following a stabbing across the street this morning.

After high-profile tragedies like the Virginia Tech massacre, it’s universities across the country are boosting their emergency communication systems and procedures.

I’m curious about how this specific incident will be analyzed by university officials (presuming it ultimately and hopefully amounts to nothing). Was a campus-wide e-mail too much? Or should there have actually been more public notice? How much, if at all, is the surrounding community involved and included? Should UH Campus Security set up a Twitter account for quick alerts that can reach people via SMS?

[Hat Tip: Crissy]

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  1. Kenneth says:

    Thanks for the update…the Advertiser just posted a brief breaking news thing on their website, but surprisingly UH has NOT posted anything on their website about this security issue.

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