LOST Beach Bow on Feb. 2, 2008

It’s one of the most frequently asked questions at the Hawaii LOST Fan Club: When will the special sneak preview of the Season 4 “LOST” season premiere be held on Waikiki Beach?

They’ve done it every year since “LOST” debuted in 2004, and it’s an incredibly fun, exciting event for the show’s local fans… and for visiting fans who are lucky enough to be in town when it happens. Usually, the date for the “Sunset on the Beach” premiere isn’t announced until mere weeks before it happens, making it dificult for “LOST” fans outside Hawaii to schedule an extra special Hawaii vacation. But thanks to DocArzt over at The TailSection, we have a likely date: Saturday, Feb. 2, 2008. [UPDATE: The event has been rescheduled to Jan. 26.]

DocArzt was in Hawaii last week, and was even a guest on set, and he made sure to ask when the beach premiere would take place. He had to make sure it was okay to share the news, and as he explains it, it wasn’t so much a secret as it was simply something they’d never thought to publicize so early on. Obviously, although it isn’t big news for ABC’s publicity team, it’s a big deal to “LOST” fans who’ve dreamed of joining thousands of other residents of “The Island” to see the season premiere several days before the rest of the world.

Apparently, the city’s “Sunset on the Beach” series is usually over by February, but they’re making an exception for “LOST.” The beach premiere has also been scheduled even though ABC still hasn’t announced when “LOST” will officially return to the airwaves. Lastly, although the date comes from an incredibly reliable source, it is (of course) still subject to change without notice.

That said… we’ll be there! How about you? Want a taste of what’s in store? Here’s a short video I made of the Season 3 premiere on the beach last year:

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  1. Reminds me, I missed most of Season 3 and need to go back sometime to catch up. LOST is one the best TV shows ever made.

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