HPU Gets Comic Treatment

Columbidai and Mangus

Meet Columbidai and Mangus, the two newest Big Critters on Campus at Hawaii Pacific University. The pigeon and mongoose pair will star in a new online comic that saw its debut yesterday at FortStreetPulse.com.

Columbidai and Mangus is (are?) the brainchild of FortStreetPulse.com founder Carlos Urreta and talented digital artist Jacob Miller. (You can see more of Miller’s work at deviantART.) The comic, like the student-run blog, are both part of a larger mission to bring more of a genuine “college culture” to HPU.

Columbidai is the pigeon (“columbidai” is from the scientific family for the rock pigeon), Carlos explains, and Mangus is the mongoose (the word mongoose is derived from the Marathi word “mangus”). Although we’re bound to meet some other friends now and then, even the comic’s creators want to get to know the starring pair better.

“We don’t honestly know the full story,” Carlos admits. “[We’re] just gonna kinda let it evolve by itself.”

As for a publishing schedule?

xkcd style,” he says. “When we can.”

Carlos says Columbidai and Mangus will tackle several topics near and dear to HPU students’ hearts. Coming up in the crosshairs? Fort Street jaywalkers.

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