HVCB Picks Online Video Partner

In an attempt to help Hawaii “go viral” in the world of web video, the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau has partnered with TurnHere, “a full-service Internet video solutions provider to the media, publishing, travel, local and real estate industries.” Specifically, TurnHere will distribute HVCB videos across the Internet via a branded YouTube channel and a GoHawaii travel blog.

TurnHere’s announcement of the HVCB partnership is wrapped in all the requisite Web 2.0 buzzwords:

The GoHawaii blog features many social media capabilities that increase interaction and further engage viewers. From the blog, viewers can copy and embed code and place the videos on their own Web sites or blogs, adding to the virality of the videos. Visitors to the blog can also email and comment on the videos, add them to Facebook, del.icio.us and Stumbleupon, and can subscribe to the site with RSS.

But at launch, at least, the GoHawaii effort is pretty limited. The “meat” consists of only seven videos. True, they’re sharply produced and feature local figures like ukulele virtuoso Taimane Gardner, PGA golfer Parker McLachlin, tow-in surfer Dan Moore, prominent chef Alan Wong, and musician Willie K. But those seven videos (and accompanying embed codes) constitute the entirety of the “travel blog,” and the slick HVCB clips don’t really seem to embody the authentic, independent spirit and style that’s the hallmark of YouTube, blogs, and “Web 2.0” virality.

Basically, it’s a YouTube channel and a TypePad blog, a package I sincerely hope didn’t cost the HVCB more than a few hours and dollars. But, it’s a start. With TurnHere boasting of a network of 2,000+ filmmakers in 50 countries, and given its other clients, here’s hoping the HVCB and TurnHere have much bigger plans for this partnership… perhaps directly tapping the talents and creativity of independent media makers in Hawaii who are already doing a lot to spread the “Aloha Spirit” online.

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  1. rox says:

    I must say I agree with your sentiments. TurnHere does beautiful work but it is much more fim-like and not youTube or user-generated (or “authentic”) IMO. There is no one home at this “blog” either. No contact person, etc.

    IMO, this is an expensive attempt to have a controlled media that does not interact with the audience – only attempts to use the audience to further promote its own agenda: push the pretend view of Hawaii.

    Having seen some of the TurnHere pricing models I can pretty much assure you they paid the big bucks for this, and will continue to do so since the blog address is at TurnHere…their video hosting packages are very pricey compared to for example, what we could set up for them. :-)

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