Jill Kuramoto Gets LOST, Gets Pregnant

Jill Kuramoto Appears on LOSTCongratulations two times over for KITV news anchor and reporter Jill Kuramoto, who this week saw her national television debut on ABC’s “LOST,” and announced that she’s pregnant with her first child, a son, due in April.

Kuramoto was tapped by her station’s parent network to play a television news anchor who tells the world of the undersea discovery of the wreckage of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815. (Or is it?) She got to talk about her experience on the KITV morning show yesterday with Mahealani Richardson and yours truly. Kuramoto said the scene was filmed inside the Diamond Head Film Studio (right next door to a cozy Othersville home interior), sitting at an anchor desk that was apparently salvaged from KGMB’s old news set. It was almost like being at work, she said, except that there were a lot more people in the studio… including a sound guy under the desk.

Kuramoto showed off a photo of her standing in front of her trailer, labeled simply, “Anchorwoman.” She said that despite her minor role, she was treated well and felt like a celebrity.

It was Richardson who pointed out Kuramoto’s “baby bump,” which Kuramoto confirmed, saying that few people had noticed thanks to the anchor desk and clever camera positioning when reporting from the field. She joked that she was waiting for MidWeek to break the news. Kuramoto said she was six weeks pregnant when she filmed her scene for “LOST,” and that she’s due in April.

I was tickled to learn how big a “LOST” fan Kuramoto was (no pun intended), and as we left the KITV studios we discussed a few of the show’s many mysteries.

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  1. cw says:

    ryan i can’t find your lost recaps! i’m able to keep up this season thanks to the internet….. wooo!

  1. April 22, 2008

    […] in February, I was elated to break the news that KITV news anchor and reporter (and “LOST” celebrity) Jill Kuramoto was expecting. […]

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