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LOSTSPOILER ALERT! I know that I’m fortunate to be a “LOST” fan living in Honolulu, able to watch the cast and crew behind the fantastic ABC series right here in my proverbial backyard. But sometimes, even travelers from far off places have better luck than I do in getting close to the action.

Yesterday, on my way to meet a friend downtown, I drove past a “LOST” shoot near Hawaii Pacific University on Fort Street. I sent text messages to a few other fans who I figured might be in the area, and continued onto lunch. Now, I returned later in the afternoon to find the set, built inside HPU’s Frear Center on the second floor of 1132 Bishop Street. But they’d put in several false walls and erected heavy curtains (both to control the light and to discourage looky-loos like me), and the best I could do was chat with other fans.

Well, it turns out that two of the fans I’d alerted earlier in the day were also on the scene, and stuck around to see a lot more than I did. And they were both fans from Europe who’d only recently e-mailed me about their visits to Hawaii. Terje from Norway and Marcel from Germany were kind enough to share their observations from this otherwise closed set.

The scene was set inside St. Sebastian Neurology Clinic, bustling with doctors and nurses in scrubs and white smocks. Matthew Fox was there, of course. But so was John Terry. One scene took place at the hospital’s front desk, and another inside Dr. Jack Shephard’s office. More than a few minds were blown when Sam Anderson showed up… but he was apparently just visiting with his wife and kids. It’s good to know he’s back in town, though!

Curiously enough, Marcel and I actually chatted for a moment while I was there, but we didn’t realize it until connecting the dots afterward. Just like “LOST,” people cross paths in the most unexpected places, and often don’t even know it.

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  1. oh oh oh puhhhlease twit me or google talk me next time you are on to a LOST filming! Would be a kick to hook up with you on site too!

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