“LOST” at Work (Updated)

LOSTSPOILER ALERT! Updated Sept. 3 at 7:24 a.m. HST. The “LOST” production crew was hard at work the day after Labor Day, spotted on opposite ends of the island. At least two units were filming today, one in Waikiki and the other on the North Shore.

This morning, I was directed into Waikiki, where workers were just setting up for a shoot at King Kalakaua Plaza. Under it, to be precise, in the parking garage for Niketown and Banana Republic.

And sitting in the corner, waiting for its cue, was Dr. Jack Shephard’s trusty steed, the old Ford Bronco.


More photos from the Waikiki location here.

But that’s not all. My wife Jen and I happened to have dinner last night with Dustin and Elvee, visiting “LOST” fans we first met at Comic Con in San Diego. And they just happened to be headed out to the North Shore today.

I encouraged them to stop by the beach set at Papailoa, a.k.a. Police Beach, as I’d heard there’d been some goings on lately. And sure enough, “LOST” was filming there today, too.

Says Dustin:

“Saw Sawyer, Rose, Bernard, Juliet, Miles and Charlotte. First scene we saw had Sawyer, Bernard, Rose, and Juliet. They appeared to be having a conversation in the jungle. Second scene had Charlotte and Miles, going back to camp. We watched for about 90 minutes. According to one of the crew, it was for Episode 5×01.”

I also heard from Carole from Chicago, who sends this report:

We went out and saw them filming a scene with Elizabeth Mitchell and Josh Holloway. We also saw Vincent the dog! The scene had Sawyer, shirtless and in jeans, talking to Juliette. We also think they may have been shooting with “Rose” as well, as when we were walking by, we heard someone ask if Rose was ready and miked up… When we made our way back, security for the property saw us and then walked us through a wooded trail back to our car — because if we would have went back via the beach, we would have been in the shot. As we walked through the woods, we saw some tent-like structures that were probably used at some point for filming. Because we didn’t want to get into trouble, I only snapped photos from far away. I did get a good one of Vincent though!

8 Responses

  1. sofia says:

    If I go to Hawaii and they are filming LOST, can I watch??? Mabe see som cast members??? Or I have to be VIP or something!!!

  2. lyly ford says:

    finally we’ve little spoilers about sawyer and all losties :D
    thanks ryan

  3. TnLostFan says:

    Like Sofia, I too would like to watch some of the filming. We will be arriving in Honolulu this weekend (9/6) for 4 days. Any advance notice of where they might be?

  4. Ryan says:

    Drop me a line. Folks let me know when their crews are spotted around the island. But at best that’s a day’s notice.

  5. frank sobotka says:

    “because if we would have went back via the beach, we would have been in the shot.”
    good gracious

  6. Glenn says:

    Hi Ryan. Thinking of driving down to Papa’iloa when we are on Oahu next month and came across an article on gohawaii.about.com that talks about you and how you got to the beach. Not sure when the article was written, but can you still drive down Papa’iloa Road and park then walk left along the beach? Thanks, Glenn

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