Meetup Madness

Manoa Geeks — the Web 2.0 inspired social geek gathering I now help organize — is upon us! Come on down Thursday evening to Thirtyninehotel in Chinatown to talkstory and catch up with what’s going on in Hawaii’s vibrant tech scene. There’ll be food, drink, and lots of cool stories and websites to share.

This meetup is sponsored by Blue Lava Technologies, which makes iLovePhotos.  There’ll be an “I Love iLovePhotos” video contest with a new iPod Nano as the prize.

Then comes Flickr Friday, the monthly gathering of local shutterbugs. This month we’re returning to Murphy’s Bar and Grill on Merchant Street downtown.  To be honest, Murphy’s isn’t sure it can hold our entire group for lunch, but the photowalk that follows is often the big draw, anyway.

Sunday brings a “tweetup” — Twitter-inspired meetup — to welcome indie piano rocker Matthew Ebel to the Aloha State.  If you’ve been listening to podcasts since the days of Adam Curry, you’ve probably heard of him, as he’s one of the most popular and successful musicians to eschew the conventional music industry model to make and share his work independently. You can hear some of his stuff on the Podsafe Music Network.

Matthew is visiting Hawaii with his parents, and we’ll be rolling out the virtual welcome wagon with a buffet brunch at the scenic Shore Bird Restaurant in Waikiki.  Join us — just RSVP here.

2 Responses

  1. After tomorrow, I’m going to crawl in a whole and lay in the fetal position for about a week.

  2. Kim says:

    I’ll see you at thirtyninehotel. love it there, k

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