Roz Savage Needs Help to Stow Her Boat

Roz SavageRoz Savage, who hopes to set records and raise environmental awareness by rowing solo across the Pacific Ocean, is putting out a call for help. Her high tech rowboat, The Brocade, is in desperate need of shelter while it awaits Phase 2 of her voyage.

I urgently need to find covered storage for my boat in Kailua or Honolulu,” Roz wrote in an e-mail. “She is currently on the North Shore on an exposed site, and she is getting absolutely trashed… I’m desperate!”

Indeed, without protection from the elements, Roz notes that she runs the risk of losing important electrical work (which can’t be done in the rain).

The Brocade is a modern marvel. Designed by Phil Morrison, it’s made of lightweight carbon fiber, covered with solar panels, and filled with equipment. It has seen many design improvements to meet Roz’s exacting specifications, and is built to withstand the fiercest ocean conditions.  Just not exposure to the elements on land on Oahu!

Roz Savage

The Brocade is 24 feet long, 6 feet wide, and approximately 10 feet tall. It needs a home immediately, preferably in Kailua or in town, through May 2009. If you have the space, or know someone who does, please contact Roz Savage at [email protected] or call her at (541) 399-0339.  Meanwhile, help spread the word, and help Roz make history.

I was there when Roz Savage completed Phase 1 of her epic journey, arriving at Waikiki Yacht Club in September.

Roz Savage Arrives in Hawaii from hawaii on Vimeo.

Burt Lum and I also interviewed Roz for Bytemarks Cafe. You can listen to it here.

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  1. Roz says:

    Thanks for putting the word out – hoping to find some wonderful aloha hospitality for my boat!

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