A Few Good ‘LOST’ Blogs

Featured BlogOne good turn deserves another. Not long after I had the opportunity to curate the “Top 10 Hawaii Blogs” for Blogs.com, I got the chance to turn the spotlight on bloggers who share my obsession with ABC’s hit television series “LOST.”

So, just in time for the spectacular premiere of the show’s fifth season last week, Blogs.com unveiled the “Top 10 LOST Blogs.” And today, the list caught the eye of Whitney Matheson, the fantastic blogger at USA Today’s Pop Candy.” Her readers, of course, had many other great suggestions.

As with the Hawaii assignment, there were dozens of great blogs that didn’t make this list. And more than a few podcasts and message boards and wikis, which are all fantastic resources for “LOST” fans. But these ten blogs are all worth your time, ranging from the deeply analytical to the fun and whimsical to everything in between. Got your own favorite “LOST” site? Do tell!

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  1. DocH says:

    Three best sites are




    – – – –
    these folks keep the luau going 24/7/349

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