Scenes from a Season Finale

SPOILER ALERT! While only the tenth episode of “LOST” just aired on Wednesday, production is already wrapping up on the season here in Honolulu. That means that it’s been an especially exciting week for LOST spotters, who’ve caught the crew putting together scenes that will appear in the season finale.  Although I just reported in our latest podcast that yesterday, March 28, was the last day of shooting… I discovered today that they were still at work — on a Sunday, no less — and may still have a few extra days of production left to go.

I’ve received some fantastic photos from today’s shoot, and will review some of the big reveals of the past week, but I’m hiding them “below the fold,” as it were. Click through to read the details, only if you really want to read about what’s coming. You have been warned.

Today, my friend Crissy found “LOST” working at the corner of Auahi and Kamani streets, just off Ward Avenue near Fisherman’s Wharf. I even got word from my coworker Bob, and “LOST” spotter Brett. (We were all keeping an eye on the intersection after a crew member posted word to Twitter that they’d be there.)  I headed over to join fellow “LOST” spotter Kanahina and her family to take in the scene.

Street signs were put up reading “Santa Monica Blvd.” and “La Brea Ave.,” depicting an intersection in Los Angeles. Several cars were standing by with California plates. Earlier in the day, Kanahina said, they filmed a scene with a speeding car that left a woman lying in the road. And the scene we watched filmed from several angles — including an agonizing close up —was Sayid (Naveen Andrews) running over to the fallen woman, laying with her in the street, holding her close and whispering in her ear.

It was only when Andrews stood up and helped the woman to her feet that it became clear she was Andrea Gabriele. We were witnessing the death, the murder, of Sayid’s wife, Nadia.

The depiction of this pivotal moment in Sayid’s life was the latest in a string of recent location shoots that revisited similar turning points in the lives of other beloved characters.

On Monday, “LOST” took over the entire Valley of the Temples in Kaneohe to film a wedding. Sun and Jin’s wedding, to be exact, with the expansive Paik family and business network in attendance. On Wednesday, they returned to the Waikiki Landmark building on Kalakaua Avenue, the highrise from which John Locke was thrown by his father. Sure enough, they were filming the moments after impact, Terry O’Quinn, flat on his back, surrounded by broken glass.  And on Thursday, they filmed a funeral at the Ewa Community Church on Renton Road. It was a double funeral, set in 1977, in which a young James Ford watches both of his parents put to rest.

The fact that these key moments were going to be revisited in the season finale was exciting enough. But the real shocker was who turns up for them.  Roxy and Kanahina, who watched the funeral scene, reported that young Sawyer meets Jacob.  Yes, that Jacob, the mysterious and frightening figure of the dark cabin in the woods.  (An actual person apparently being played by former Dexter actor Mark Pellegrino.) And visiting fan Tony reported on DarkUFO’s site that Jacob is also there to see Locke fall from the highrise.

The question now, then, is whether Jacob will factor into each of these key moments from our characters’ histories.  We don’t know if Jacob turned up at Sun and Jin’s wedding, for example, but it seems like it would be possible.  And I was certainly looking for Jacob at the scene of the hit-and-run today.  I didn’t see anyone who looked like Pellegrino… but “LOST” spotter Mellow Johnny — who was trying frantically to get a photo of Andrews before security guards chased him away — says he did accidentally get a shot of another actor who could fit the bill.

I guess we’ll have to wait until the finale airs in May to find out. Until then, here are some photos taken by people far more fortunate than I. Thanks to Roxy, Kanahina, Brett, B2C, and Mellow Johnny for the tips and sneak peeks!

Photos used with permission. Please do not republish.

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