“LOST” in the Harbor

SPOILER ALERT! As we lament the end of production for “Season 5” this week, here’s a blast from the recent past. Though Jen and I reported this “LOST” shoot on our March 22 podcast, our intrepid spotter on the scene, Roxy, has just sent along photos from the set. Click through if you want to see them.

As reported on “The Transmission,” the crew took over the U.S.S. Bowfin Submarine Museum at Pearl Harbor on Friday the 13th. I was in Austin at the time, but Roxy was there to watch some of the action.

The Bowfin previously served as the interior of the Others’ submarine, the Galaga, so presumably that’s where this action is set as well.  Roxy said Josh Holloway, Jeremy Davies, Evangeline Lilly and Elizabeth Mitchell were on the set. There was also a young girl, who she says was identified as “young Charlotte.”

Sawyer was wearing his khaki jumpsuit, Kate was in her blue mechanics jumpsuit, but Juliet was wearing civilian clothes. There were also other extras with their Dharma jumpsuits revealing their names: “Casey” the gemologist (seen in “The Man Behind the Curtain” welcoming Ben and his dad to the island), and “Donna” the psychologist.

Key to the scene?  A fight sequence that leaves Sawyer pretty badly bloodied and battered.

Most of the action took place inside the submarine, but here are Roxy’s photos from the surface!

3 Responses

  1. Jonine from Arizona says:

    Thanks for the pictures Ryan and Jen!..

    Hope you are well!..



  2. GODIS! says:

    Hey, anyone knows when they start filming for next season? :)

  3. Sharkie says:

    Hi guys

    Anyone know if they are doing the premiere on the beach for Season 6?

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