Songs in Support of Kids

Kenneth MakuakaneKenneth Makuakane is putting his music where his mouth is, offering his latest album as a gift to anyone who donates $10 or more to the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii‘s Windward Clubhouse.

Makuakane — an accomplished Hawaiian music producer and talented musician in his own right — has been spreading his wings via social networking. And he made this offer via his Facebook account, where he’d been interacting with fans and sharing songs for months.

“I am very passionate about kids and sit on a bunch of boards that serve children… one of them is the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii Windward Clubhouse,” he explains. “We have programs that keep kids minds sharp and keep them off the streets. It takes money and here is where you come in.”

He says that if you donate $10 or more to the cause via his fundraising site, he’ll send you a a free digital download of his latest album, “The White Bathtub.” Just be sure to e-mail him to let him know you’ve given.

“You get the gift of music and the Boys & Girls Club gets to keep their doors open,” he says.

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  1. teddyc says:

    That is a very nice gesture, and what the kids need!

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