Flash Guru to Speak at UH

Sam Rivello of Los Angeles-based Rivello Multimedia Consulting will lead two days of presentations beginning tomorrow for the Hawaii Flash User Group. The first, free night will cover Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) environments and augmented reality. Tuesday’s “Premium Night” will cover more advanced topics relating to the PureMVC framework for Flash and Flex development.

Rivello has designed, developed or managed the development of over 400 Flash and Shockwave games and applications, many for Fortune 1000 companies. He is an Adobe Certified Designer and Developer for Flash, an Adobe Flex Champion, an international public speaker, and a university professor.

The sessions will be held in Room 219 of the Agricultural Sciences Building (1955 East-West Rd.) at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. To attend the free MMO and augmented reality session, RSVP at the Adobe Groups event page. Tickets for the advanced “Premium Night” session are $149, and can be purchased via PayPal through Sam’s RMC Roadshow blog post.

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  1. John Barrett says:

    Hi Ryan,
    Thanks so much for blogging about this!

    Fell free to stop by tomorrow night`-`

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