Getting “LOST” at Comic-Con

Comic-ConIn a few hours, my wife and I will be flying to San Diego for Comic-Con. Called the “Geek Prom,” You could also call it the “Geek Superbowl,” with over 100,000 people attending the four-day program.

This will be our second, and perhaps last, Comic-Con trip, as this year’s convention is said to be hosting the final official appearance by ABC’s hit series “LOST.” The first glimpse of “LOST,” even prior to its network television debut, was offered at Comic-Con in 2004, so in many ways this convention is the birthplace of the show’s immense fandom.

And it is that fandom that draws us into the maelstrom once again. Not only to learn, first hand, what might come in the show’s final season, but to meet with other fans, podcasters, and bloggers… members of the “LOST” fan community that have become like family to us over the past five years.

There probably won’t be any Hawaii Blog posts while we’re gone, but if you want to keep up with our antics in San Diego:

See you on the other side!

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  1. Jonine from Arizona says:

    Can’t to follow all the news, from far away deployed in Afghanistan!

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