“LOST” Confrontation

LOSTSPOILER ALERT: “LOST” filmed late into the night and continued work today in West O’ahu (as reported yesterday). And “LOST” fans from afar — New York and Brazil — were able to get relatively close to the action as a scene unfolded at Jacob’s beach temple. The following is a composite of their brief, breathless reports:

When we arrived, Terry O’Quinn (Locke) was the only main actor working, and he was laying in the sand… likely to get a close up for his body. Then, as he was replaced by a stand-in (lie-in?), Yunjun Kim (Sun) and Nestor Carbonell (Richard) arrived on set with other actors and extras. The next scene was of Not-Locke and Richard descending from the temple. The assembled Others, obviously suspicious of Not-Locke, raise their guns as Not-Locke steps up to confront Richard.

After O’Quinn rehearsed some moves with Carbonell’s stand-in, the last scene we watched was the most intense. Not-Locke beats the crap out of Richard. After Richard is taken down, Not-Locke looks across the faces of everyone watching. He waves his finger and says, “I’m very disappointed in all of you.”

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8 Responses

  1. ZachsMind says:

    UnLocke beats the crap out of Richard? Okay. I have to admit. That’s one event I didn’t anticipate.

  2. Antonio says:


  3. AJK says:

    WOW!! Intense is right! I’m gonna have to think on this for a while.

  4. 35er says:

    Great report, Ryan.

    I’ll be surprised if Flocke can walk away from the Others unharmed.

  5. Fade2black says:

    Now why would a being with the apparent powers Not-Locke has have to physically beat another person for. I detect a chip in the Armor.


  7. Morgandy Ganzveldt says:

    But you didn’t mention Ben! Is Ben still in the temple? If so, why? Is Ben alive or dead? Has Ben become the new “Jacob” ?

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