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LOSTSPOILER ALERT: The “LOST” production crew has kept largely out of sight this week. But a couple of reports have come in from the location shoot reported on Tuesday (and at right, one of a couple of photos captured by my friend Vernon Brown). Thanks to Eric and K.C., we can piece together much of the scene.

LOST taxi
Originally uploaded by 808Talk

As previously reported, Honolulu International Airport was the set, playing Los Angeles International Airport, or LAX. (The title of the season premiere of the upcoming final season is “LA X.”) By all appearances, we will indeed be seeing the safe arrival of Oceanic Flight 815 in California. And in the tight morning shoot schedule, several scenes unfolded:

  • Inside the terminal, Kate (Evangeline Lilly) was in the handcuffed custody of The Marshall (Fredric Lehne). Meanwhile, Jack (Matthew Fox) emerges, passing a passport station, and appears to head for the exit… but then turns back.
  • Kate, now mysteriously loose, passes and exchanges a passing “hey” with Hurley (Jorge Garcia), and heads out of the baggage claim and onto the street. She jumps the line at the taxi stand, and someone yells at her as she gets in a cab. According to a message board post, the angry guy is none other than Neil, a.k.a. “Frogurt” (Sean Whalen).
  • Kate jumps into a cab, as The Marshall emerges from the building with a head injury. He runs to security guards waving a piece of paper with a picture, telling them to keep an eye out for Kate. Noticing the cab, he runs after it.
  • Dr. Leslie Arzt (Daniel Roebuck), as previously noted, was also there. And a crew member suggested that Claire (Emilie DeRavin) was around.

On Wednesday, my good friend Mitchell found the “LOST” production trucks off Nimitz Highway near Fisherman’s Wharf. The crew apparently returned to Pier 2 (the Foreign Trade Zone), which also served as an airport interior in the Season 5 premiere. Apart from that, the rest of the week appears to have been spent behind closed doors at the Hawaii Film Studio.

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Hat tips: Eric, K.C., Mitchell. Photos: (LOST at LAX and LOST taxi) by 808Talk.

8 Responses

  1. Annie says:

    Does Kate really say ‘Hey’ to Hurley and did it seem like the two already know each other?

  2. Sean says:


    Did the actors look the same? Jack with short hair? Were they wearing the same clothes they boarded the plane with?

  3. Raul Mondesi says:

    They don’t know each other. 815 makes to LAX safely. Blowing up the Jughead creates an alternate timeline. Frogurt rox.

  4. Angie says:

    So juicy!!!!! Love it, thanks for the post!! :)

  5. arturo says:

    oh man!
    safe arrival!? after all that mamba jamba on the island! they must go back!!! we want to know who build the statue and who is the smoke monster!!

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