Kat Reeder Tackles Triple Crown

Local artist Kat Reeder, whose work you may have seen at First Friday as one of the recently featured artist at the Chinatown Boardroom, was tapped to create the official poster of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing 2009. Although the competition doesn’t begin until November, she’s offering an early look at the design, which features her distinctive retro-inspired style:

Kat Reeder

The “Triple Crown” is a series of international professional surfing contests: the Reef Hawaiian Pro (Nov. 12-24, 2009), O’Neill World Cup of Surfing (Nov. 24-Dec. 6, 2009), Billabong Pipeline Masters (Dec. 8-20, 2009), and Billabong Pro Maui (Dec. 8-20, 2009).

With the poster design on its way to the printer, Kat is now preparing a set of paintings for October’s exhibit, “Monster Mash.” Other artists include Ryan Higa, Pegge Hopper, May Izumi, Jeff Lamm, Rich Richardson, Cade Roster, Dave Tanji, Mike Watanabe and Robert Watanabe.

Kat lives in Makaha, but she was born in Peru, and grew up in Miami. In addition to her art, she has an extensive commercial graphic and logo design portfolio. If you like what you see, you can become a Fan on Facebook, or buy a print.

2 Responses

  1. Kat does some nice work. I’m expecting the poster to be excellent.

  2. Della Au Belatti says:

    Poster design seems to channel the positive vibes of the great Rell Sunn. Looking forward to seeing the ladies ride the waves!

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