Google Street View in Hawaii

Google Street View in Hawaii

Hawaii is finally included in the “Street View” of Google Maps. The news was announced today in a great post on the Official Google Blog by one Laura Melahn, Product Marketing Manager, who says she was born and raised on Oahu. She links to Waimea Bay and Iolani Palace. There’s even a specially curated collection of “Hawaii Beaches” in the Google Street View Gallery (assembled with the help of the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau).

“LOST” fans may enjoy taking a Street View tour of some special spots. Here’s the house Hurley bought for his mom. Here’s where Rose and Bernard met one snowy night, or where Sun and Jin first met along the Ala Wai Canal. Just up the street, the building where Locke was pushed out a high-rise window.

Local map geeks have been eagerly awaiting the addition of the imagery to Google Maps for a long time, and cheered when the Google Street View camera car was spotted in Honolulu back in April. Many commenters were curious if it would attempt the road to Hana. Unfortunately, it looks like the furthest east it got was La Perouse Bay.

Of course, I raced to see if you could see my house from Street View, but sadly (or perhaps luckily), the camera car only traversed a couple of main thoroughfares in Mililani. This is the closest it got.

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  1. If by Hawai’i you mean Oahu and Maui. No coverage here on the Big Island that I could see, including downtown Hilo or Kona.

  2. Gee Why says:

    Scary, the Google car must have driven right by our home!

  3. Devlin says:

    Sweet, but why no street view of the “Road to Hana?”

  4. Jenea says:

    It’s very interesting!!! Thank you for this link!

  5. Love it! My daughter and I have been using google maps to tour colleges she’s interested in! Next best things to visiting in person!

  6. joel Tell says:

    Just back from vacation on the big island and passed opposite the streetview car while driving out through Kekaha Kai State Park

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