“LOST” on the Case [Updated]


SPOILER ALERT: “LOST” is filming today near Hawaii Pacific University in downtown Honolulu today. Thanks to an email alert widely circulated among HPU staff and students, and a post from an HPU account on Twitter, fans had ample notice to head over to check out the filming.

Early in the morning, this fantastic observation came in from “Ann the LOST Fan”: “Josh Holloway (Sawyer) and Ken Leung (Miles) are here. Sawyer has a badge on his belt, Miles has a gun on his hip.”

LOSTOne scene took place in front of a “La Brea Property Management” office in “Pacific Tower” (false signs hung on Kukui Plaza). Around the corner, two L.A.P.D. cruisers were parked. Sawyer is waiting in a new-ish but nondescript silver four-door Mercury sedan. Sawyer beckons to Miles, who cautiously walks up to the car, then tries to wave Sawyer off and walk away. But Sawyer calls out and stops him, leans over, and opens the passenger door for Miles.

Miles gets in. Sawyer gives Miles one of two cups of coffee, and they talk. Sawyer then gives Miles a file or folder with photographs, and he flips through it. He looks at one photo intensely, and hands it back.

Miles was wearing dark jeans, a blue plaid collared shirt, and a leather jacket. Sawyer was also in jeans, with a dark, rugged jacket over a gray T-shirt. Miles is definitely a cop, but this scene suggests that even Sawyer somehow again ends up involved with law enforcement. If he is working with Miles, it would appear the pair are a team, just like in the Dharma Initiative circa 1977.

Could it be? Given earlier reports of the pair at a L.A.P.D. station, it seems possible. Sawyer was also seen with Charlotte (Rebecca Mader) at a fancy restaurant earlier this week, and the implication was he was “conning” her. But maybe Sawyer was working for the police, and not a criminal enterprise? Or maybe he’s just playing the cops, too.

LOSTI headed down to the set before noon to check things out for myself. As it turns out, “Ann the Lost Fan” lived in Kukui Plaza, and residents of the secured building had a particularly good view of the action.

They set up a quick scene in a narrow alley across the street. The same narrow alley where Michael met Tom in an earlier season. Posters were hung, boxes were strewn, and a hose was used to add an extra layer of wet dinginess. An unfamiliar, slight woman wearing a black jacket and with a gray hood pulled over her head repeatedly ran down the alley as a camera crew filmed her from above (perched atop the Thomas building). She knocked down a stack of boxes as she ran, which would then be carefully set back up for another take.

The HPU email suggested that a woman would be chased, screaming, down the alley (and to therefore not be concerned). But I must have missed the screaming.


For the next scene, a blue Dodge sedan was positioned on the street behind Sawyer’s car, and a stand-in dressed the same way as the running woman sat in the driver’s seat. They set up a dolly to film a zoom-in-to-tight shot of Sawyer in his left-side rear view mirror. Holloway then threw himself violently around behind the wheel, as if rear-ended hard.

Finally, the actors cleared out to set up for a stunt scene. The silver car was swapped out for an identical one, but with a camera in the back seat and a meticulously polished back window. The blue Dodge was backed up about 20 yards, and a large black SUV was added to the mix. Sawyer’s stand in and the woman’s stand in were briefed by Jack Bender as things were put into place.

An all-hands meeting was called in the middle of the street, then everyone took their places. Sawyer’s stand in, with his coffee cup, got into the silver car. So did, it appeared, Miles’ stand-in. The hooded driver got into the blue Dodge, another man in a white tee got into the police car, and the SUV driver got set as well.

And… action!

The blue car sped down the street. The black SUV passed on its left, then cut in front, causing the blue car to swerve and hit Sawyer and Miles’ car. They actually filmed the stunt more than once. The first time, the blue car just gently crunched into the silver car’s driver’s side door. So the crew just pulled out the dents, spray painted the scratches, and buffed out the evidence.  The second take was much more solid, the blue car slamming into the back of the silver car, apparently as planned.

Standing by, though, there was an identical pair of silver and blue vehicles. They were apparently going to repeat the scene it until they ran out of cars. But I had run out of time and headed home. But a friend said more filming was going to take place until evening on nearby streets, perhaps to depict the car chase that preceded the crash, or a foot chase that follows.

Though these scenes were obviously shot out of sequence, I’d guess it unfolds as follows: Sawyer flags down Miles from his car, and they meet, sipping coffee and looking over photos. Suddenly, a blue car involved in a police chase crashes into them. The driver, a hooded woman, takes off down an alley.

Throughout the mythology of “LOST,” car crashes have been a major nexus for our characters’ encounters. Miles and Sawyer together is interesting, but who is the woman on the run?

I don’t know for sure. But I’ll give you three guesses.

UPDATE – 7:08 a.m. on Nov. 22: Evangeline Lilly was definitely not part of the car stunt or alley chase scenes filmed earlier in the day, but as many suspected, it looks like the hooded woman was supposed to be Kate. Commenter Bernard writes below:

Hey Ryan, the hooded woman was Evangeline/Kate. I watched the filming of the last shot of the evening at 6pm, by Mercury Bar’s alley way (around the corner from JJ Dolan’s). Josh/Sawyer and Evi/Kate are doing a close up scene where he grabs her by the collar and pushes her up against a doorway. I was close enough to see them, too far to hear them.

Check out a complete photo gallery from today’s shoot.

This post was updated throughout the day as information became available. I was actually running errands with my family and posting remotely via my iPhone, so please pardon any errors or bad writing!

36 Responses

  1. ManilaRaf says:

    Hmmm, what are those two upto?

  2. ManilaRaf says:

    I wonder if Miles is a cop or is one of those “psychics” that they’ll consult when it comes to missing people.

  3. hannah says:

    could the hooded woman be kate? i guess it makes sense you don’t see her so that the big reveal can happen on the show in some other scene. and not have it spoiled. and that way they don’t really need Evi to be there since she was supposedly attending a gala in LA last night.

  4. Clay says:

    Hmm… this blog repeats. :)

  5. Annie says:

    any news about who is the woman running from the cops???

  6. PrettyWoman says:

    Kate, Ilana, Juliet

  7. kristina says:

    Its either Kate, Claire, or Ilana

  8. HoodedWoman says:

    Ilana and Juliet can’t really be described as “slight” though. The only two that we know of that fit that description are Kate and Claire. Conclusion therefore: Kate.

  9. Corvus says:

    “but who is the woman on the run?”

    Good question. May be it’s someone who likes to run. Now who on this show is BORN TO RUN, I wonder? Maybe it’s someone who doesn’t like being LEFT BEHIND. I DO think I will ponder on this awhile longer.

  10. Lizzy says:

    Ryan, did the woman stunt double look about the same size/shape as Evangeline Lilly? It’d be cool if it was Kate. I hope someone’s still watching the shooting this afternoon to let you know what they see.

  11. PrettyWoman says:

    The stunt double might not be a good indication. They’ve used Zoe Belle as the stunt double for Kate, Sun, Juliet and even Charlotte. They can do magic with CGI. I think it’s Kate, but it’d be nice to get confirmation. I don’t understand the ambiguity in a spoiler post, what’s the point?

  12. PrettyWoman says:

    Man, how hard can it be to identify this female? No offense Ryan, I’m guessing that since you said you didn’t know for sure, you might not have been that close to the action, or that they are only using the stunt woman today and will film with the real actress later.

  13. Ryan says:

    I’d identify her if I had any idea who she was. I don’t know if she was a new actress, or a stand-in for someone we know, but either way, I got a good look at her face and she wasn’t familiar at all. Of course, the stunt driver was a man just dressed the same way, and I doubt we’ll see him on screen. Still, there are some obvious guesses, as you can see!

  14. PrettyWoman says:

    Thanks for clearing that up, Ryan. I guess we’ll have to wait on this one. Maybe the actress was unavaible and they’ll shoot her later against a green background, so they can CGI her into the scene, or maybe it’s a new woman altogether. Time will tell.

  15. hannah says:

    the stun double is wearing Khaki cargo pants like Kate in the pilot.

  16. PrettyWoman says:

    Could it be Kendall or Selena? Both were cast as guest roles for this episode, and cargo pants are a pretty common staple, aren’t they? Did we ever get pictures of the actors that would play the guest roles of Kendall and Selena?

  17. hannah says:

    Khaki cargo pants just like Kate’s???

    that was just a casting call, and both are described as “corporate negotiations” and “corporate espionage” LOL
    that will be very very random is end up to be one of them LOL

  18. Lizzy says:

    Do you know anyone who’s still there watching the filming, Ryan? I noticed people were still tweeting about it going on as late as an hour ago, but with no specifics. It would suck if they continued shooting all afternoon but we never hear the details because no Lost fans were around to report back.

  19. PrettyWoman says:

    Why would it be random for it to be Kendall or Selena? They used the “corporate” description to cast both, Jacob and Man in Black. So, “corporate” is a reference word they use when they want a certain type of performance. It doesn’t necessarily mean business environment.

    Initially I thought it was Kate, but reading Ryan’s reply that a woman was there, and HER stunt double was a man, it doesn’t make much sense that the woman would be a stand in. They can always shoot the scene when the real actress is available. Lost doesn’t start until February, they have plenty of time. It’d be weird that they would block a street for almost an entire day just to shoot with a stand in, when they can actually wait for an actress like EL who is a regular and doesn’t have any other acting committments if they need to. It would just be a day or two. All the other female actresses have been reported as being in HI, so, why shoot with a stand in for the female and the real actors for Sawyer and Miles for the males. That doesn’t make much sense.

    Ryan, did the woman you see look like Sheilla Kelly pictured here: http://www.imdb.com/media/rm1989120256/nm0445992 ? She was cast for Kendall, I think.

  20. eric says:

    as always, amazing info all compiled together. glad there was other people watching since i got there late. and thanks for the video too, i only saw one take, but missed the crashes.

  21. WallToWall says:


    Hey Ryan, the hooded woman was Evangeline/Kate. I watched the filming of the last shot of the evening at 6pm, by Mercury Bar’s alley way (around the corner from JJ Dolan’s).

    Josh/Sawyer and Evi/Kate are doing a close up scene where he grabs her by the collar and pushes her up against a doorway. I was close enough to see them, too far to hear them.

  22. ManuFord says:

    Hi Ryan,

    was the woman on the run this woman:
    – Candy Tjarks – cos she used to be stunt double for Evangeline Lilly….

  23. Nick says:

    Annie. Could this be Annie on the run? Ben’s annie, popping up in this second timeline?

  24. HoodedWoman says:

    I think they could have had a stand-in deliberately to prevent anyone knowing who the character was supposed to be. With the hooded top, the reveal may only happen in a gotcha moment, when the woman is eventually caught. Why would they do that with an unknown character, unless the audience already ‘met’ the character previously?

    Thanks for the info Ryan, great to have fun spoilers to speculate with again! :)

  25. alison says:

    Love it Ryan, thanks for all the info, photo’s and the video. Its so exciting…..

  26. Jonah says:

    @WallToWall: Was Sawyer grabbing Kate to kiss her or was he mad or questioning her?

  27. Coley says:

    Why in the world would he be investigating her, then chasing her down an alley, after she crashes into him with her car and then grab her and push her up against the wall, all just to kiss her? Oh ya, because that’s how sweet and romantic those two were! Gimme a break……..that ship has sailed. Move on. I mean, how many times do we need to see Kate running from someone or something? Talk about old and tired.

  28. Lucia Malla says:

    Hi Ryan, just posted my pics from yesterday in my blog:


    It was a lot of fun! :)

  29. hannah says:

    HAAAAAAAA I knew it was KATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Ryan !!!!!!!!!!

  30. zdenka says:

    I knew it too, that´s why you knew it too. Lost is predictable so much.

  31. Joris says:

    I think it was kate, even tough it could have been any women on the show, maybe they’re chasing ana-lucia coz she killed her boyfriend?

    or even charlotte, juliet, sun, claire, illana, (libby), (alex), but Kate would be my first pick, or wait, maybe it was Cassidy! lol don’t know why I’m thinking that.

  32. Kevin says:

    How come on Adam-12 the LAPD car displayed the correct motto: “To Protect and To Serve”, whereas the Lost shoot LAPD car said “Dedicated To Serve”? Here is a pic from Adam-12 http://timstvshowcase.com/adam12.html

    I thought the last take with “running girl” jumping out of the car was kinda scary – it looked like the big orange truck really was going to hit her, and the driver swerved away from her on the last take unlike the earlier ones.

  33. Tony says:

    what i love about Lost is that everytime you think you have figured it out, they mess with you again. You think things are starting to be understandable and then you’re tricked again. love it.

    I have seen almost all of the stars around multiple times, especially at Kahala Mall and Starbucks in Kailua , but still have never seen Ms Lilly even once. Dang it!

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