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If you’re a “LOST” fan who has been contemplating a visit to “The Island” in January to celebrate the sixth and final season of the show, now is the time to take the leap.

Local officials have yet to confirm the advance screening of the “LOST” season premiere at a “Brunch on the Beach” event on Jan. 30. But with things apparently set on ABC’s side, fans around the world are already making plans to be here to kick off the sixth and final season of the best show on television.

I’ve received a constant stream of inquiries all year from “LOST” fans who were looking for information on the beach premiere, and when word broke on Friday, that stream became a flood. Already I’ve heard from people who will be coming in from the neighbor islands, the East Coast, Europe, Australia, even Afghanistan.

It became immediately clear that I was out of my element when it came to making travel recommendations. I’m a fan, a blogger, a geek… but not a travel agent. So I turned to Bruce Fisher at Hawaii Aloha Travel for help.

Bruce could put together airfare and hotel packages in his sleep, so it was soon obvious we could do more for “LOST” fans. So he called up Hilton and Sakara of Island Adventures to put together something even more unique.

The result? “Destiny Calls,” a special travel package created specifically for “LOST” fans who are making the pilgrimage in late January.

For starters, the packages include airfare and four days/three nights at the Park Shore Waikiki Hotel, which happens to be about as close to the location of the beach premiere as you can get without sleeping on the sand. It also includes a special “Aha Aina” dinner on Friday night (for which Sakara will undoubtedly work her magic), and a “LOST Transmission Brunch” the next morning (a likely geekier affair that I’ll help organize) at Lulu’s, a retro surf-themed restaurant.

Finally, and perhaps most intriguingly, there’ll be a “LOST” locations tour on Sunday. My wife Jen and I will help lead a bunch of “LOST” fans around the island to visit some of the most iconic (and perhaps a few lesser known) filming locations used for the show.

I will say up front that I’m not a professional tour guide, and there are awesome location tour companies you should call if that’s what you need. But if you like the idea of hopping on a bus full of fellow fans for an unabashed roving “LOST” geek fest, I think you’ll have a blast with us. Jen and I regularly meet up with visiting fans, and have helped many get to “LOST” locations on their vacations, but we’ve never done something like this before. I can’t wait.

The “Destiny Calls” travel package also includes a lei greeting at the airport (a nice touch you don’t see much anymore), and transportation to and from the hotel. And it goes without saying that there’ll be other little touches and treats that I’m sure we’ll come up with over the next couple of weeks.

But if you’re interested, you should call today. And that’s not a sales pitch. Between the day Bruce and I first started talking and tonight, the price has gone up by about a hundred dollars. And other fans who’ve already made arrangements on their own are also reporting airfare increases on a daily basis.

I’m not sure if the “LOST” event is a factor, and of course I can’t say if there’ll be price changes in the other direction, but with about 45 days to go, I’d say it makes the most sense to just book now and spend the next few weeks relaxing and planning what else you want to do in Hawaii.

Did you already make travel arrangements but want to come to Lulu’s or take the tour? Are you a local fan who wants to join the fun?  Ala carte options are possible as well. Just ask Bruce.

Stay tuned for more news relating to the “LOST” beach premiere… including, hopefully, final details from the local organizers, and plans for a special edition T-shirt I’m planning on selling to celebrate the occasion!

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  1. Vernon Brown says:

    Well done Ryan! You’ll make a great tour guide and your knowledge of LOST is above and beyond any other.

  2. Taylor says:

    Thanks Ryan, we are really looking forward to the dinner, brunch, screening, and tour. it’s going to be great!

  3. jennY says:

    wow thanks for the info. i am definately going to be there and will be looking into Lulu’s and the tour! hope to meet you Ryan as i have been checking your blog for over two years for LOST news! :)

  4. Bruce says:

    Aloha Ryan, I am happy to let you guys know we reched the 50 ppl threshold we set for the tour, however, we are opeining up another bus to accomoadate 23 more!!

  5. Ann The LOST Fan says:

    Hi Ryan
    Where will the Friday dinner be? Time?
    Brunch – Lulus? Time?
    Sunday Tour? Leave from? Time?


  6. Lyle says:

    Aloha Ryan,
    Bruce returned my call on Saturday and I’m all signed up for the event. I’m coming from Michigan and CAN’T WAIT! Is there any plans for all of us “Transmission Event” participants to sit together at the screening?

  7. Ryan says:

    Ann, the Aha Aina Dinner will be poolside at the Park Shore at 6 p.m. on Friday. The Transmission brunch will be at Lulu’s at 11 a.m. on Saturday. The locations tour will depart the Park Shore at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday.

    Lyle, we absolutely hope to sit together at the screening! It’ll take some planning and some volunteers to stake out a good spot early with a few dozen blankets, of course.

  8. Lyle says:

    I’ll be there EARLY :-) If there is anything I can do to help out, please let me know. Looking forward to meeting you, Jen, and everyone else Friday evening at the dinner.

  9. Ryan says:

    Lyle, if you’re volunteering, great! I’m thinking of giving free T-shirts to the “advance team” willing to stake out a patch of sand and bake in the sun for the day. Either way, it’ll be good to see you!

  10. Lyle says:

    Aloha again Ryan,

    Consider me “volunteered”! LOL . With the kind of winters we have here in Michigan, I look forward to “baking in the sun” there in Waikiki every chance I get. Being part of the “advance team” will just give me an excuse).

  11. Bruce says:

    Talked othe folks at Lulu’s today about the brunch, got a veggie choice and they are woking on a LOST drink, anyone got any ideas for that? I gave them all the stuff from the LOST wiki. we will do a video when they make the drinlk and share it with you guys. We also found out who owns the LOST dog that appears in the seires, might be something we can do with them, will keep ya’all posted!

  12. Bill says:

    Ryan, I’ve also enjoyed reading your blog over the years and as soon as I read about the trip my wife said “Let’s go”! So we are on our way. We’re looking forward to meeting you and visiting the Island. Thanks for this great “Last Lost” opportunity.

  13. Ryan says:

    Bill, that’s great to hear! Bruce will take good care of you. (Heck, of us… he’s the professional, here!) Can’t wait to meet you. This’ll be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    Lyle, it’s a deal! I’ll try to round up a few more volunteers, of course, but hopefully with a sign and an official looking T-shirt, we’ll be able to save space for a number of our fellow hardcore fans.

    Bruce, a “LOST” drink sounds fun. Would be cool to meet “Vincent,” but obviously, meeting with fellow fans will remain the top draw! Thanks for all that you do.

  14. Bill says:

    Ryan, as a matter of fact Bruce was our booking agent. He was very helpful in getting the trip set up from our location.

    As for drinks, I hope we can find a bottle of MacCutcheon whiskey to pass around, Haha!

  15. jennY says:


    Bruce was fantastic! Me and my friend Bob will be attending the dinner and the brunch! I think i met Vincent at Camp Erdman once! Looking forward to meeting everyone!

    One question for those of you that have attended the sunset premeire in the past. Do they set up the whole red carpet portion at sunset on the beach and when do they do the whole red carpet stuff? Is it all day or just in the evening before the showing?

    Lyle i am originally from Michiagn too! Hawaain sun is awesome! I live in San Francisco now!

    Can’t wait till the 29th gets here!!

  16. Lyle says:


    Lucky You!! Michigan is a good place to be “FROM” hehehe

    Will look forward to meeting you and Bob Friday evening at the dinner.

  17. Ryan says:

    jennY, glad to hear you and Bob will be joining us! In the past, the red-carpet arrivals are just before the screening, say, at sunset. For most of the day, the VIP area is empty, and they have a band or two playing. The rest of us are jockeying for spots on the surrounding sand. The best spot for the red carpet is usually not the best spot for the screen, so you have to make a choice (or have lots of friends in many places)!

  18. the big LJ says:

    If you are still looking for volunteers let me know. I live in Kailua and can be in mid morning. email if you still need some.

  19. Connie from NJ says:

    I’m flying in from New Jersey for the event !!!
    I’ll be staying with friends in Hawaii Kai, but we are staying at the Park Shore on Saturday night Jan 30th… Any idea what cast members will be attending the premier ?

  20. Laurie says:


    Will you be hosting anything similar for the Lost finale?

  21. Steven says:

    Hey there,

    I was too late, happy for you that it sold out but is there any chance you’ll be doing this again for the series finale? I’d really like to attend.


  22. Bill says:

    Ryan, Do you know if the hour recap will be showing before the Premier or will it just be the Premier?

  23. Aimee says:

    Hi Ryan! I just found out a few days ago that I won a trip to the event which is soooo exciting! Anyway, we’re having to plan everything last minute. We would LOVE to do the Lost Locations tour but the site says it’s sold out. :( Can you recommend any other tour companies or anything else we can check out?

  24. Ryan says:

    Aimee: Glad to be hear you’ll be here! Who’d you win the trip from? There are other “LOST” tour companies, including Kos Hummer Tours at Kualoa (recommended, but expensive and likely booked) and Hawaiian Escapades. Though our brunch and tour are sold out, there are still seats at dinner! Hope you can join us!

    Laurie, Steven: No specific plans for the series finale, apart from curling up on our sofa and crying for a few days straight. ABC might plan something special, but I suspect their big parties will be in L.A. by then.

    Bill, Connie: The details of the event itself are in ABC’s hands. No idea which castmembers will attend, no idea what they’ll show, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s just hour one of the two-hour premiere.

  25. Aimee says:

    Thanks so much Ryan! I will check out those companies. And please let me know if you have any other recommendations for what to do on Oahu. I’ve never been to Hawaii before and I’ll have 2 totally free days (Friday and Sunday) while I’m there to do as much as possible, aside from touring the filming locations. I’ll ask my friend who’s coming with me about the dinner the night before.

    ABC did a sweepstakes in 12 cities (1 winner from each) and I’m the Chicago winner! They’re flying me and a companion out, putting us up for 5 days 4 nights, and giving us 2 VIP access tickets. Still not sure what the VIP access entails though. From what I understand it’s just designated seating???

  26. Lyle says:


    By the sounds of it, you might be flying out of Chicago on Thursday, and returning on Monday? Are you on UA# 001 and UA# 002 by chance? If you are, see you onboard!


  27. Aimee says:

    Haha, Lyle! I don’t know my flight #s but I’m flying United nonstop leaving here Thurs around 10 am and departing Mon 5pm. Same as you?

  28. Lyle says:

    LOL, Yep Aimee, that’s the flights! United #001 is the only non-stop out of ORD bound for HNL and leaves at 10 am. United #002 is the only non-stop from Honolulu to Chicago and that leaves at 5:05 pm. I make that trip about 4 times a year.

    Sounds like we’ll be on the same flights in both directions. CAN’T WAIT!!!

  29. jennY says:

    Wow Aimee you are super lucky on getting the free trip and VIP access tickets!

  30. Dorian says:

    Has anybody here experienced being “lost” on a deserted island ? Are there any vacations set around this theme? I mean no hotels, no amenities, extremely secluded- just you, the beach, the “jungle”, making your own tent and gathering your own food. Any leads or serious suggestions would be helpful.

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