Bookmarks for January 19th

When I’m not blogging, I’m browsing. Here are sites and pages that I bookmarked on January 19th:

  • Fast-Food Fries Cooked in Higher-Fat Corn Oil, Study Shows: Fast-food chains are more likely than smaller restaurants to cook their French fries in corn oil, which is higher in cholesterol-raising saturated fats than other vegetable oils, a study from the University of Hawaii found.
  • Innovation Award Winners Focus on Clean Energy: The winners have developed innovative solutions to challenges, invented and implemented new technologies with worldwide applications, and contributed to Hawai‘i’s long-term economic well-being.
  • Missing moon rocks turn up: On Friday, Lenny Klompus, senior adviser to the governor, said Hawai’i’s moon rocks were never actually missing, but had merely been moved to a secure location. During an annual gift inventory on Thursday they were discovered in a locked cabinet.
  • Commerce Department’s NTIA Awards Grants for Broadband Mapping and Planning in 10 States: NTIA has awarded Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs approximately $1.4 million for broadband data collection and mapping activities over a two-year period and $500,000 for broadband planning activities over a five-year period in Hawaii

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