“LOST” Beach Premiere Details

Just in from ABC, a few more details on the advance screening of the “LOST” final season premiere on Waikiki Beach on Jan. 30. As in 2006, they will indeed be showing only the first hour of the two-hour episode, and adding on the pilot of another show. But the time of the event, including the red carpet arrivals that precedes it, are set. No word yet on which cast members will be present.

Here’s the text of the one-page advisory (minus press-specific notes):



Waikiki, Oahu

Thousands of fans will congregate on the sandy beach of Waikiki in Oahu to be the first to see the initial hour of the season premiere episode of “LOST”: The Final Season, before it airs nationally on the ABC Television Network. We will also be screening an episode of the hit comedy, “MODERN FAMILY,” immediately following “LOST.”

There will be red carpet arrivals before the screening, in which you will be able to interview the cast and producers of “LOST.”

“LOST” premieres on Tuesday, February 2 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

“MODERN FAMILY” airs Wednesdays (9:00-9:30 p.m., ET),
on the ABC Television Network.








Waikiki Beach on Oahu between Kapahulu and Monsarrat Avenues on Kalakaua across from the Honolulu Zoo.



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  1. Howard says:

    I heard a rumor that you have to buy tickets to the event. Can anyone confirm or deny? I plan on surfing at the wall all morning until it’s time to grab a seat… can’t wait!

  2. jennY says:

    woo woo! can’t wait! thanks for the offical deets!

  3. Five-o says:

    Planet Hollywood says it has been canceled – can anyone confirm?

  4. Ryan says:

    Haven’t heard anything like that. How is Planet Hollywood involved at all? They used to host viewing parties in Waikiki. Maybe that’s what’s canceled?

  5. Cal says:

    “which you will be able to interview the cast and producers of “LOST.””

    Interesting; only the press, I’m guessing? The rest of us will have to snap shots from further away?

  6. Ryan says:

    If it’s set up like last year, Cal, the ‘red carpet’ is along the south/ocean side of the VIP area, so the cast passes between a line of press on one side, and a mass of fans pressed up against the fence on the other. For best results, have a zoom lens!

  7. Bill says:

    Ryan, what is the attire for the “feast on Friday”?

  8. Ryan says:

    Bill, it should be aloha casual. It’ll be poolside, overlooking Waikiki beach, so it’s definitely not formal! See you there!

  9. Marvin says:

    Wish I could join.
    But yeah, that’s hard for someone from the Netherlands…

  10. Nathan says:

    Ryan, for fans who want to get pictures/autographs, is there a time you recommend getting to the beach to get a spot in line or is this even necessary?

    My family and I are going to be in Oahu and we would love to see the cast extra but not sure about how it works/logistics. Any tips?

  11. Adrian says:

    I wish I could be there, I love my LOST! Of course I wouldn’t mind being in Hawaii either :)

  12. jessika says:

    Aloha. i am in a wheelchair (scooter) where do i go for a view?? Any ideas?? Thanks. Jessika

  13. Ryan says:

    Nathan, in years past, the “red carpet” was inside the VIP area but against the right side, facing the ocean. Basically the public will be competing with a throng of reporters and cameras on the inside, but you never know! Folks started staking it out by noon, perhaps earlier this year given the greater anticipation. Good luck!

    Jessika, I’d contact the city, possibly the parks department. I’m certain there’ll be accommodations for wheelchairs, but I’m not familiar with the details.

  14. jessika says:

    thank you so much. i’ll do that today. (^_^) MAHALO – jessika

  15. Matan says:

    Hey guys
    I’m planning to come all the way from France especially for this event.. Is anyone else coming and we could plan together ?? It’s gonna be my first time over there … Thanks !!! Paris8001@gmail.com

  16. Ryan says:

    Check your e-mail, Matan!

  17. Aloha Tony says:

    @ Matan – wow that is awesome, all the way from France for the LOST event? WOW!

    Thanks for visiting our beautiful island! I hope you get to see a lot of LOST sites while you are here.

  18. Audrey says:

    Heey :) I just send a mail to Matan cause Im french too. Im here in Honolulu so it will be nice to meet you all saturday. Ill be on the beach in the morning and all day long. Hope to see U!!!!

  19. jessika says:

    Ryan, thanks again, i checked with the city and she said i “fight for a half decent spot with all the rest”, oh well, i shall attempt is doing so. Thanks anyway for the tip.

  20. chgo lost fan says:

    Ryan is any chance to meet you at the waikiki beach premiere ? If yes, i’ll check my email.
    And to @ll people please wear Lost,Dharma tshirt.

  21. athena says:

    Hi Ryan, where is the best place to park (within walking distance)? Oahu resident here planning to make a day of it in Waikiki :)

  22. Ryan says:

    Jessika, sorry to hear that. There’s a boardwalk set up on the sand but they’ll likely keep it clear. Your best bet might be to get comfy on ‘The Wall,’ concrete pier that sticks out into the water parallel to the screen.

    chgo lost fan: We should be easy to spot with our ‘Hawaii LOST Fan Club’ T-shirts!

    athena: I wish I knew! We’re staying in a hotel to avoid that particular problem. They’ve blocked off the parking at the Kapiolani Park Bandstand and Shell… but you may get lucky around the park itself. Otherwise, it’s the residential areas on the hill if you’re going for free!

  23. Karl says:

    Did anyone video it or stream it?

  24. Aloha Tony says:

    I have a bunch of close up pictures with the cast, like right in their faces. you wanna post some Ryan? Or do you have a bunch?

  25. Ryan says:

    If they’re your photos, you should post them! Watermark ’em if you’re worried about ’em getting republished. I’d love to see them!

  26. Lucia Malla says:

    Hey, Ryan, my pics from the beach premiere are on my blog. Including one my husband took of us talking.

    Feel free to use/post…


    Thanks for sharing so many Lost info and moments!

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