My Seoul Adventure

Third Day in Seoul

I returned to Honolulu from Seoul today, twelve hours before I left. Spending three days in South Korea was an incredible experience, and I can’t wait to return. Thanks again to Hawaiian Airlines for the opportunity to document their new nonstop service between Honolulu and Incheon international airports.

Our trip coincided with the coldest winter spell in Seoul in over a decade. It was also my very first time seeing snow, and experiencing anything colder than 30 degrees. In many ways, visiting Seoul was a milestone in my life.

I took hundreds of photos, but I think the story of this trip is best told and shared via video. I’ve embedded them all in this post, so you can follow the journey from beginning to end.

First, the ceremony to celebrate and bless the first flight:

Landing at Incheon International Airport aboard Hawaiian Airlines’ inaugural flight from Honolulu to Seoul, and checking in at the Seoul Plaza Hotel:

For our first day in South Korea, we participated in a Seoul Day Tour. We visited the Namsangol Hanok Village, made traditional masks and lunched at Korea House, then shopped in Itaewon:

After the day tour, we met up with Aaron and Annie Namba of Bigger Bird Creative, a Honolulu web development firm based in Seoul. The taught us the ropes of the subway system, and took us to Myeongdong for some shopping and street food. Back at my hotel, I’m unexpectedly able to sample a different room configuration:

On our second day in Seoul, we explored the city below the city, then connected again with Aaron and Annie Namba to experience more of the sights, sounds, and especially tastes of the city:

Our third and final day in Seoul. We check out the palace across from our hotel, then introduce Mari Taketa to the Myeong-dong Shopping Center. Finally, we head home from Incheon International Airport to Honolulu:

Want more? Again, there’s my Seoul photo gallery on Flickr. My friend and partner in crime Burt Lum also posted hundreds of pictures.

You should also check out blog posts by Mari Taketa, a food writer whose focus and enthusiasm drove much of our plans.

Finally, a special word of thanks to Aaron and Annie, who run a Honolulu business from Seoul, and who essentially let us turn their world upside down when we tore into town like a hurricane. They were fantastic guides, gracious hosts, generous with their time and space.

2 Responses

  1. Ricky Potts says:

    Let me be the first to say how jealous I am of all this. What a great opportunity and a great experience for you. Just in case you were wondering, if you asked me to go with you next time, yes, I would!

    Now, I do have one complaint about your trip. I am not sure it is fair for you to check in to locations on foursquare in a foreign language. How do I know if they are real when I can’t read in Korean? Okay, you’re right. It’s equally awesome.

    Very cool man, and thank you for sharing all of this with us. You make me want to travel more than I already do. Cheers!

  2. Alex Cortez says:

    Ryan, congrats on your adventure (and your snow experience). Checked out your Flickr gallery, some serious cool stuff. I haven’t been to Seoul in ages and this post really made me miss it.

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