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  1. Janine Murray says:

    Hi Ryan,
    Thank you very much for clarifying a little about Dabble. I was curious when I saw your tweet but wanted to know more about it.
    I guess it’s a bit of wait-and-see at this point, but it sounds intriguing.
    I know it isn’t the case here, because it wasn’t ready for a beta launch, but I am amazed at the number of times I see a new product that wants me to sign up without any background or info on their service, but they want my background info.
    Thanks again!
    Keep us updated!

  2. Aaron says:

    Dabble seems like a novel idea… and it may resonate with enthusiast groups and such, as it will allow them to find others with similar interests. I don’t know if it’ll have the same broad appeal of a service like Twitter, though.

    an unintentional target group for Dabble might be people who “dabble” in “adult activities”, though.

  3. scrivener says:

    95% of why I pay attention to you and Burt is so you can experience the catastrophes before I have to. If you two are the tip of the spear, I don’t mind being whatever you call that area right behind the tip of the spear. It means your Twitterversary’s a couple of days earlier than mine, which I admit annoys me a little, but it also means I generally avoid the mad rush for early sign-up on undefined services AND the mass, apologetic, OOPS-don’t-click-that-link-it’s-a-scam messages.

    That video’s still not very clear, but at least the whole thing looks legit.

  4. ferNando says:

    Alright, I just “reserved my spot.” I don’t know what a Dribbble or Forrst site is either so this whole thing is very vague to me. I’ll be waiting for more details in my inbox. Hopefully soon.

  5. Coreen says:

    I saw someone say they registered, then went to site and saw no info about it. Googled it and found your post. Thanks for clarifying! It’s amazing that people sign up without knowing what it is. Maybe even more amazing is that the developers aren’t even sure. Good thing you’re here to fill us in.

  6. Thom says:

    Well I reserved my spot. Thanks for filling us in. I did mine because of @Hawaii I figured if it’s good enough for him it’s good enough for me :)

  7. Alex Cortez says:

    Thanks for the info, Ryan. I saw the tweet but had no idea what ‘Dabble’ was/is so I didn’t sign up yet. It seems like an interesting concept, hopefully they’ll be able to deliver with proper execution (that’s where so many great ideas go wrong).

  1. April 26, 2013

    […] get in as influencers share their content to Twitter. On the other hand, Hipster, Visual.ly, and Dabble.in were overhyped, by the time they launched it didn’t work. Path had this problem too, but they […]

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