‘Bert the Conqueror’ Hits Honolulu

Bert the Conquerer

The Travel Channel’s “Bert the Conqueror” will air its Hawaii episode this Sunday, April 17.

Host Bert Kreischer is described as “a big kid on a mission to uncover fun and adventure wherever he goes.” The synopsis for the Hawaii episode reads:

“Bert heads to the sunny shores of Oahu for some water activities, Hawaiian-style. Bert checks out Wet’n’Wild, Hawaii’s only water park. He then sets to North Shore to swim with sharks, and finally Bert takes a leap in the Paddleboard Cliff Jump Regatta.”

“Hawaii was my favorite episode to shoot… Hawaii was hands down my favorite,” he said in a recent live interview with Hawaii News Now. “Most thrills, best trip I’ve ever had in my entire life, and not to mention the most welcoming group of people. Everyone out on Oahu would join in what we were doing and teach me how to do it.”

Kreischer tells of his crew’s visit to Lā‘ie Point for some cliff diving, where they met a kid who weighed about 350 pounds. Despite his size, he was eager to participate.

“Favorite moment I’ve ever had,” he says, describing how the kid did a backflip and nailed the dive. “It was the most spiritual thing I’ve ever seen. I was jumping up and down, going nuts.”

Kreischer also spent time with local surfing legend Montgomery “Uncle Buttons” Kaluhiokalani, and went stand-up paddle surfing with North Shore Paddle Adventures.

The “Hawaii Travel Guide” for the show, which makes clear Bert’s visit was limited to the island of Oahu, notes that his visit includes:

Of course, the episode was filmed before the March 11 tsunami damaged Haleiwa harbor, and before a North shore shark tour operator saw its third boat go up in flames. Bert traveled with Hawaii Shark Encounters, a different company, but the shark tour business is a controversial one.

We haven’t seen the last of “Bert the Conqueror,” either. He tells Hawaii News Now that he plans to return in June with his entire family.

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