Video: ‘Epic’ Manapua

It’s not the world’s largest manapua, but it sure looks like it could be. A group of local media makers documented the construction of a massive, 13,300-calorie manapua in a video titled,“Epic Kaukau Time: Manpua Man Manapua.” (Rated PG-13, per Cynthia Hoskins, so click with care.)

The “Epic Kaukau Time” title reveals the video to be a parody of the Montreal-based “Epic Meal Time” show, one of the top 100 shows on YouTube, and a show that’s already prompted other regional tributes like “Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time.”

This local take, credited to “130+0,”  hit 14,000 views today, and caught the eye of several food blogs like including Eater National, Foodbeast, and Serious Eats. When the creators reached out to Hawaii Grinds on Twitter, I had to learn more more.

“Well, I was at the UH film school for a couple of years, and I released all of my projects under the 130+0 name,” explained Jesse Macadangdang, a 1999 graduate of Leilehua High School. “But when we decided to shoot ‘Epic Kaukau Time,’ the 130plus0 team became the five of us that you see in the video.”

The Wahiawa-based troupe includes Florian Isla, who graduated from Leilehua with Macadangdang, Rocky Isla (FHS ’95) Nick Doble (FHS ’94), and David Tadena, originally from Colorado.

When the ‘Epic Kaukau Time’ video was posted, Macadangdang hinted that it might mark the end of 130+0. But now, it sounds like they’re only getting started.

“We are working on more local-centered epic food vids,” he said.

You can follow “130+0” on YouTube, on Facebook, or as @130plus0 on Twitter. [Hawaii Grinds]

5 Responses

  1. John Garcia says:

    haha! The instrumental session was epic… that old time tune! Used to hear the manapua man from around the corner and come running with my dollar for fried noodles… :)

  2. scrivener says:

    “Well, I was at the UH film school for a couple of years, and I released all of my projects under the 130+0 name,” explained Jesse Macadangdang…

    Ah, the “while I was at UH” would explain the juvenile, borderline vulgar 130+0 name. I wonder how long a serious film-maker can get away with that.

  3. Ryan says:

    Okay, maybe I’m just not hip enough, but I’m going to need to have that explained to me, scrivener!

    I agree, this video isn’t exactly what I’d show to get a real, paying gig. But I’d like to think the crass tone is in part boosted by the Canadian show they’re parodying.

    I certainly would love to see more original, Hawaii-based video focused on local food, just perhaps with a little less “color.”

    Then again, I’m old.

  4. Mattias says:

    Now that is one big manapua! :-)

  5. Hmm… there is no logic in responding to every negative critic I will ever have… so I will only say this once.

    The name “130plus0” is a simple wink and a nod to elementary school playground days in Hawaii; a time and place that only a relative handful of people in the world get to experience. That exclusivity, and not its inherent vulgarity, was the whole point of the name. Film school was a long time ago, and I had lots of time to change the name. But the fact of the matter, as proven by Ryan himself, is that the name means absolutely nothing– unless, of course, you know what it means; and if you do, then chances are you came from the same place I did; so who in the Hell are you to judge me?

    What qualities define a “serious” filmmaker? Is it the ability to tell a story, painting an arching picture of the human psyche with its characters, while successfully holding captive the attention of your audience, controlling their emotions with every flickering frame of film? Because, if you’re looking for any of these things in a silly little 5-minute Youtube clip about a giant manapua, then you could stand to add a little humor in your life.

    In other words, thanks for watching!

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