Allstar Weekend Hits Hawaii Next Weekend

Allstar WeekendI admit, I’m not exactly in the key demographic for “Allstar Weekend,” a band of shiny happy California guys that was catapulted to tween-to-teen stardom by The Disney Channel. But I am the father of a teenage girl, and she’s heard of them, and that’s got to count for something.

The pop rock quartet —  San Diegans Zach Porter, Nathan Darmody, Cameron Quiseng, and Michael Martinez — has been on tour for a year now, and on Saturday, June 25, they’re performing in Hawaii (between shows in London and Orlando).

But this concert is being staged on a most unexpected stage: the Pacific Theater at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Lāʻie.

In fact, this is the center’s first foray into serving as a concert venue. The 2,675-seat Pacific Theater is where the PCC’s night show “Hā: The Breath of Life” is staged. The “Allstar Weekend” show is part of the “Go Native” campaign, with which the center is hoping to draw kamaÊ»aina back to its 42-acre park on the North Shore of OÊ»ahu.

Indeed, tickets for the concert, available on the PCC website, include entry to the center beginning at 12:30 p.m., and general admission to its seven island “Villages.” And the concert itself will take place from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., a tween-friendly, drive-friendly time for locals.

“Allstar Weekend” was one of several bands that competed in Disney’s “Next Big Thing,” in which listeners vote for their favorite songs by new artists. They actually landed in second place, but just like in the “American Idol” universe, that was enough to land them a recording contract. Their debut album, “Suddenly Yours,” came out in October, and cracked the Billboard 200.

While they’ve been touring, “Allstar Weekend” got a more boost recently with their song “Not Your Birthday,” which was featured on the soundtrack to the Disney movie “Prom,” which came out in April.

Even if you’re not entirely sold on “Allstar Weekend,” next Saturday’s concert is also a great opportunity to visit the Polynesian Cultural Center, and check out its Pacific Theater as it hosts a very different show. And while it’s in Lāʻie, the show gets out well before sunset, leaving time for a scenic drive and maybe even dinner in Haleiwa or KaneÊ»ohe.

Tickets cost $25, $40, and $55. There is also a $100 “Elite” seating package that includes a meet and greet with the band, and a souvenir gift. Finally, there is a “Super Fan Photo Contest” on the Polynesian Cultural Center page on Facebook, in which you could win two tickets by submitting the best photo demonstrating your love for “Allstar Weekend.”

2 Responses

  1. mel says:

    The latest in a long line of boy band groups that have become popular with each succeeding generation of “tweens”. The song in the video is not bad – the usual pop stuff, exactly what you’d expect from a group like this… and I bet it hits the target demographic head on.

    I hope the Polynesian Cultural Center is successful with this promotion. The group seems to be very family friendly and a perfect match for the center in its latest effort to lure more tourists and possibly more locals to the venue.

  2. Alex Cortez says:

    The Polynesian Cultural Center is a great venue, whether going there for a tween-concert or something else. Side note, coming in second is not such a bad thing (specially as it launched them into semi-stardom).

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