Commercial Highlights UH Manoa “Lifestyle”

This past weekend’s opening college football game between the UH Manoa Warriors and the Colorado University Buffaloes was broadcast live on ESPN. And during one of the commercial breaks, both universities got some airtime to show off their stuff.

For UH, the theme of the day was “Lifestyle.” The colorful, musical ad takes viewers through dormitory halls, underwater in a pool, and finally to the lawn in front of Hawaii Hall.

The video sparked a good conversation on Google+, where friend and local videographer Kaeo Kepani revealed that he was part of the crew.

“We worked extremely hard on this project and am glad its being received so well by the community,” he wrote. “There was a lot of help from the students and faculty at UH — it surely could not have been done without them.”

Kepani notes that there were no hired actors, with everyone in the commercial representing what they actually study or do at UH. As for the underwater shot? It demanded a “huge amount of effort” and nearly two dozen takes.

But lest you think our university is only excited about how much fun it is, “Lifestyle” is just the latest in a series of several excellent promotional videos for UH Manoa. Others include “One Day,” “Explore” and “Innovate” (emphasizing its scientific research), “Experience the World” (showcasing its multiculturalism), and “Always” (highlighting the school’s local legacy).

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