Kiddori App Helps Track Kid Birthdays


Local developer and dad [Name redacted Sept. 14, 2023 per request] has designed an iOS app to help solve a familiar family shopping challenge: remembering how old everyone’s children are.

Described as “the perfect app for anyone buying gifts for kids,” Kiddori ensures that you always have the ages of your nephews, nieces, and friends’ kids at your fingertips.

Kiddori helps you build a database of family members, allowing you to see their ages at a glance, and sort by name, age (as of today or as of Christmas), or birthday. You can also include a photo, and add notes on each child, from what they like and don’t like to how they’re related to you. Finally, it adds “fun facts” like each child’z Zodiac sign, Chinese year, and birthstone.

“In early May, a couple of weeks before my daughter was born, I wanted to get a head start and was out shopping for Christmas gifts for my friends’ kids in Europe,” [redacted] explains. “However, I had a hard time picking the right size because I couldn’t remember their age and wasn’t sure how old they would be at Christmas time.”

“And when it comes to young kids, the age matters a lot when choosing size and design — even a year makes a big difference,” he notes.

After searching the app stores for both iOS and Android devices and not finding anything that addressed the problem, [redacted] decided to solve it himself. Drawing from his IT background and design skills, he sketched out the basic look of Kiddori. Then, he went to the team at Fresh Blocks to turn his design into reality.

Fresh Blocks is a local company that does iPhone apps web design and development, headed by John Wang and Fiona Lam. And [redacted] was very happy with their work.

“Working with Fresh Blocks has been amazing,” he says. “I would recommend them to anyone needing help with developing mobile apps.”

After some beta testing, Kiddori was submitted to Apple and approved in just one week. And [redacted] says he’s already receiving good feedback from his first users.

“This is definitely one of the more exciting projects I’ve ever done,” he declares.

As for what’s next for Kiddori?

“Some of the things that I intend on rolling out in future updates include birthday alerts and the ability to sync to other devices through Dropbox,” [redacted] said. “I also want to make it available on the iPad and Android devices later this year.”

You can learn more about Kiddori on the official website, or just download it from the iTunes App Store for $0.99. To keep up with [redacted], you can find him on Twitter at [redacted], [redacted], or [redacted].

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  1. Mattias says:

    Big mahalo, Ryan! Just also would like to ask anyone who downloads the app to please rate/review the app in the app store. Aloha!

  1. August 21, 2012

    […] Then the frame for the license plate caught my eye. It’s an advertisement for That’s an interesting way to advertise an app! For a description of the app, check out Ryan’s Hawaii Blog. […]

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