Scott Caan on Hawaii: “There’s no hustle there.”


Scott Caan, star of the CBS crime drama reboot “Hawaii Five-0,” appeared last night on Chelsea Handler’s late-night talk show “Chelsea Lately.” And not surprisingly, they talked about what it’s like living in Hawaii. Caan says that he can take Hawaii about six days at a time, but that otherwise, “I like to hustle and there’s no hustle there.”

Chelsea: She gets to live in Hawaii now, you like that right?

Scott: No I don’t. She doesn’t either. That’s why she should get the purple heart. She’s just sticking it out…

Chelsea: What’s wrong with Hawaii? There are no snakes in Hawaii?

Scott: Everything’s very slow motion. I pick up the cup, and they slowly pick up the cup, you know what I mean. Everything’s too relaxed for me. I like to hustle and there’s no hustle there.

Chelsea: There is no hustle there, that’s for sure. And there’s a lot of crystal meth there.

Scott: A lot of crystal meth. Which, you know, is not my thing.

Chelsea: I once went there. It’s not my thing, either. I went there. And the driver offered us, ’cause usually the driver, the guy at the hotel, will offer you weed or something, but the guy offered me crystal meth. And I was like, What? First of all, Now that I know you’re on crystal meth, I don’t want you driving us, A. And B, what does my face say to you that I like crystal meth? What kind of impression am I giving you? I had to really look at myself that weekend.

Scott: I don’t think it’s personal. I think that’s the routine.

Chelsea: Did you at least learn how to surf while you were out there?

Scott: I’ve been surfing my whole life.

Chelsea: I can tell by your hairdo that you’re a surfer.

Scott: Thank you. This is what I try to do, I try to paddle out and not get it wet.

Chelsea: How does that work out for you?

Scott: It never works. But surfing in Hawaii is different. It’s more like survival. It’s different. Here surfing is surfing, there it’s…

Chelsea: You grew up in Malibu surfing, right?

Scott: A little bit, yeah.

Chelsea: Well, there’s no other beach to surf at, so I don’t know …

Scott: On the planet, I think it’s the greatest place in the world. But literally…

Chelsea: Well, yeah. Surfing in Hawaii is like serious stuff.

Scott: Yeah, they ask you how was your surfing, and you say, “I made it, I’m here. So that was a good one.”

Chelsea: I mean swimming in Hawaii can be difficult, so surfing is very difficult.

Scott: I like that aspect of it. And I like Hawaii as a place, but for about six days at a time.

Chelsea: Yeah, I know, I know, it’s very slow. And the food isn’t great.

Scott: It sucks, yeah.


37 Responses

  1. P says:

    Scott’s comments although callous on the surface speak to deeper truths that we as lifelong residents here overlook. I don’t believe Chelsea helped matter by suggesting that every driver will offer you meth, but it is a fact that a lot of people here use meth as a way to get through their two jobs a day or just cope with the day. Surfing here is survival, how many times has a grom gotten the stare down or told eh, no drop in! Food is a personal matter, we have great food here but we also have a lot of bad food. We tolerate a lot because it’s our nature but there is a lot of deeper truths behind his comments and to snide about someone because they don’t share your view is a bit intolerant.

  2. Jeff in Texas says:

    Sorry that you’re not enjoying living in Hawaii while on a hit show Scott Caan. I guess they could have your character killed off so you can go back to the mainland and try to find another hit show to be on. I’m sure there are plenty of folks who would be willing to make the “sacrifice” of living in Hawaii and being on a hit show.

  3. Home Grown says:

    Yup Scott, we sooooo laid back that we are going to kill your character off so you can work with Dog the bounty hunter and go surf in Colorado with Leland…. You’re done…. Beat it! Get off my island and do the Hustle somewhere else!

  4. Kimo says:

    Chelsea: Yeah, I know, I know, it’s very slow. And the food isn’t great.

    Scott: It sucks, yeah.


  5. MyKidsDriveMeCrazy says:

    Hawaii has just about every type of food imaginable and then some. How can the food suck if you can get anything you want even if your haole. Even if Hawaii has its downsides every other city and state does as well. You don’t piss off the people in the state youre working in. How stupid can these haole people be. No class.

  6. MAT says:

    Look, I know Scott can say stupid things sometimes. There is no filter between his brain and his mouth. I know his comments were insulting to the people of Hawaii. But he’s never made much of a secret of the fact that he’s not happy being there – he prefers LA. He knows Hawaii is where his job is and I’m sure he’s grateful for the work but he doesn’t like being so far away from his friends and family. Not everyone loves Hawaii, not everyone loves LA. It’s a personal thing. Should he have said what he said, no. Should he be threatened for it? No. Just accept that Scott is Scott and ultimately his opinion of Hawaii doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things does it?

  7. Terry says:

    The fact of the matter is that Scott isn’t the happiest person in the world. He likes to complain and I doubt he’d be satisfied anywhere besides L.A. And now that interviewers know that he gets island fever, they seem to love asking how he likes living in Hawaii because they know he’ll say something controversial. I don’t excuse his lack of tact, but I will say that Handler, totally set him up.


    I’m not a drug user but had them around me all the time in LA and Hawaii. Coke is easily available in LA. I’ve never caught a cab in Hawaii but being born and raised, I don’t know how to get ice on Oahu. I know how to get weed in both places and they are equally available. As far as the hustle, it’s true but without coke and nightlife, LA is more like Hawaii than the Northeast. There are more higher-grade restaurants in LA but there are more dirty, lower grade restaurants there than Hawaii also. I wouldn’t take offense to what they said about the food. Lots of people in LA still think spicy tuna is exotic food. He likes Hawaii for a few big deal. He’s a perfect tourist…spend lots of money then go home.

  9. Tim says:

    Clearly Mr. Caan has never actually hung out with any real locals. Hawaii has some of the best food and restaurants anywhere in the world. Having lived & worked in Hawaii for years, I can promise you the hustle is there IF you actually live there.

  10. Malia says:

    Wow! Hawaiians don’t care when other places get dissed, like LA, but don’t you dare say anything about Hawaii. It isn’t paradise and how many of you have been to So Cal? He is happy here and that isn’t a crime. The weather is BETTER, the ppl don’t judge anyone (Haolies) and we have mountains for skiing and the desert and Mexico and beaches and Las Vegas is a 4 hour drive away. Hawaii is fun for 2 weeks but we love our state more, like you. Mahalo.

  11. Mo says:

    Same thing when Hanabusa got all bent out of shape w/Bill Reilly’s comments on Hawaii’s Asian peeps. U talk stink about your people and place, everybody gets so “habut”. Scott Caan’s remarks may sting, as did Reilly’s, but like a previous comment…the truth does go deeper. No mo’ blood, jes’ slap one band-aid on top and get on with life. Bum-by pau.

  12. Dena says:

    He should freaking quit the show if he “hates” everything about where he works & give it to someone who won’t be so UNGRATEFUL. & why should I be mad at people who diss LA? I don’t live there! I live in Hawaii & have pride in that fact, so I will defend idiots who have no respect. & hello Scott? The title of the the show is “HAWAII 5-0”! Not New York. Not L.A. If you hate the “slow pace”, why TF did you sign up for it?!

  13. Mike says:

    Who believes that he has even caught a cab in Hawaii? Bwaaaahaha!

  14. Beat it, Danno!

    Even when you are the star of Hawaii Five O, it’s a pretty dumb move to be so wahanui.

    Scott Caan needs to be replaced with a local, and he and his girlfriend can go back to Malibu and do voiceovers for the next Barbie cartoon.

    Hawaii is a special place and not everyone gets or fits with the lifestyle. But if you are going to come here and exploit the lifestyle and culture by filming CHEESY television shows, at least feign some respect for the place.

    If Caan doesn’t get booted, pull the plug on the tax credits for the show.

    This is the kind of stuff that keeps the saying “f— haole” alive and well.

  15. Hukipau says:

    Stupid little jerk, should go back to Cali where he belongs. Whatever problems we have here pale in comparison to his home. He obviously doesn’t know the Hawaii we know… gee I wonder why that is? Don’t forget your girlfriend and her Purple Heart when you leave shorty.

  16. Chelly says:


  17. TRUTHSPEAKER says:


  18. TRUTHSPEAKER says:

    Typical HOLLYWEIRD PUNK, the kind that is all over california and washington d.c.- PUNX

  19. The Petite Polynesian says:

    Malia, I’ve lived in So CA and no it wasn’t my thing. I met some amazing friends and have a few really good ones who moved out there, but I felt no MANA there, not like I feel it here. The air and water quality isn’t nearly as clean either. I’m not a fan of the traffic and driving 3 hours to get from Echo Park to Hollywood on a Friday afternoon. Without traffic it takes 15 minutes going down Sunset Blvd. Have I proved my point that I lived there? So, maybe I dissed your state just now but I don’t get paid millions of dollars to represent your state. And I’m not a public figure. Therein lies the problem: Scott Caan isn’t complaining at dinner with his buddy Chelsea, he’s saying it on national television. This is the essence of STUPIDITY.

  20. truth speaker times 2 says:

    its true. hawaii is chuck full of ‘haole’s go home’ bullshit. its ridiculous, yet the ones saying this shit are the first ones to be OUT RIGHT rude to anyone they don’t deem ‘local’. i get racism is everywhere, but its pretty present on OAHU. everyone talks about hawaii being paradise and granted, its beauty speaks for itself.. however, the bad seeds that spread basically hatred toward anyone that isn’t the same skin color as them ruin the ACTUAL thought of natives who aren’t at all racist nor rude. btw, this man on the chelsea handler had the right to his opinion. seriously is this all people care about these days? shit is more important then getting your panties in a wad over some damn comments. good god ‘LOCAL hawaiians’ get off your high horse.

  21. Sir Leaker Mudgeon says:

    Scott Caan is the prime reason I don’t watch the new “5-0”. There are far better and more appealing actors who could step into the role. He is welcome to take his personal opinions and arrogance back to Malibu where his vapidness would probably find an adoring audience. In the end, who cares what Scott Caan thinks?

  22. Pono says:

    Has he tact?
    Was he careless & irreverent?
    Has he apologized?

    Relax people, we have all done and said dumb things. But also, as a white skinned Hawaiian myself its hard not to note how many times the word “Haole” is used through these blogs.
    Check your own racism and clean your own backyard before someone else’s.

  23. Bob Smith says:

    Scott was just telling it like it is. I moved here from California 7 years ago and have yet to find a restaurant that I’d want to eat at more than once. Everything (and everyone) is definitely too slow here. People are afraid to tell the truth around here – always sugar coating everything like Hawaii is some paradise. It might have been back in the day, but it sure isn’t now.

  24. Malia says:

    Chelly: YELLING much? No class . Yes, Hawaii is rainy every day all year long and humid and hot and sticky in the summer. Even Alex who kisses your butts says he has to leave a lot to be able to stand being there. Peter says he loves HI but he doesn’t move his family there. That says what he really feels . Ohana? Welcoming? I think all these posts show the real side of Hawaii. Self centered people who think they are better than the rest of the USA. What most impressed me was the bigotry here and on other Hawaiian blogs. Scott and H50 brought you tourism and attention; much more flower-coated than the truth really is, but thanks to Scott, you have all shown your real selves to the world. When this show tanks, which if it weren’t for the TNT deal it would have been canceled, all the tourism you suck off of the Haolies will disappear. You are all so intolerant and entitled you don’t even realize that you are shooting yourselves in the foot. So I guess we can add dumb to that list.
    We don’t need YOUR beaches; we have great ones here. But YOU don’t have all the things So Cal has which I noticed none of you dared to comment on earlier. OVER ONE WEEKEND, we can choose to ski in the mountains or go to the desert or go to Mexico or go to Las Vegas, as well as swim and surf. And your weather is better than most of the country but doesn’t compare to So Cal. I have said my piece now go ahead and lay all your venom on me. PLEASE. I want the world to know what the Hawaiians really are like and with each prejudiced post you help my cause. I won’t return so have at it. :-)

  25. ConradL says:

    Am I the only person from Hawai’i who doesn’t see what the big deal is about this interview and doesn’t care about what he said?

  26. Shantell says:

    Geez, Scott was pretty rude on Chelsea Lately, but then again, I don’t like her type of comedy anyway, so I never watch her. She can stay out of our State too! Scott, you should go back to where happiness is for yoy. Hawaii is our home and our happiness and don’t live here if you don’t like the food, the people or our life style. No one’s holding a gun to your head. Go act somewhere else, because people of Hawaii don’t need people like you and your girlfriend here. You have a very narrow mind and don’t appreciate what we the people of Hawaii works and lives for. You need to be replaced asap!!!! I use to like watching Hawaii 5-0, but now I will definately see you in a different light. No excuses for what you said….,the tongue can be very sharp and you definately cut us apart here.

  27. Home Grown says:

    “Actors are so fortunate. They can choose whether they will appear in tragedy or in comedy, whether they will suffer or make merry, laugh or shed tears. But in real life it is different. Most men and women are forced to perform parts for which they have no qualifications , … , The world is a stage, but the play is badly cast.” ― Oscar Wilde
    When was the last time we said something we soooo regretted? So maybe it wasn’t in front of millions of people, still… Stay Pono! Keep Aloha! That’s why we live here and not the others who are not comfortable. Hawaii Pono E !

  28. Mas Vad says:


    Having lived in both Los Angeles and Hawaii, I feel that I have some perspective on Scott’s qualms. First, people here are way too sensitive about this interview. He was being funny, albeit at the expense of ‘da aina,’ in a smug LA shit-grinning-condescending kind of way. For many locals, the closest encounter to So Cal is Las Vegas California Hotel. Let me tell ya, if they serve spam in the morning it ain’t California.

    What further disturbs me when reading many of the said responses, and keep in mind that I was born and raised in Hawaii, is the frequent use of the term “haole.” It’s the 21st century, grow up, and stop using such derogatory words as the catch-all-phrase. When you write “fucking haole”, you are not only affirming certain stereotypes – i.e. stupid meth’d out natives – but you are making Hawaii look bad. This is a wonderful place, however, in contrast to LA, it is very slow paced.

    While I do think Scott Caan is a smug-shithead-born with a silver spoon in mouth type case, I think the angry response and news coverage is absurd. Predator drones are dropping bombs on the daily, yet we get so caught up on this insignificant interview. The interview was funny, not in a targeted and disparaging way (which a lot of people seem to think, it’s called humor and sarcasm “Meth isn’t my thing” – shouldn’t be taken literally…). He is obviously bored here, so why should we give a shit. Just one guy.

    keep to your “fucking haole”, but you are only perpetuating the very thing for which you are being judged for.

  29. kay96842 says:

    Let me first begin by saying that Scott Caan should
    indefinitely be taken off of the cast of Hawaii Five-0. The show,
    Hawaii Five-0, is a portrayal of Hawaii to viewers in both Hawaii
    and the rest of the continental United States. With sub-par acting
    and plot creations, many of the Hawaii Five-O viewers, like myself,
    enjoy the show because of it’s beautiful and unique portrayal of
    the Hawaiian Islands. That being said, each member of the cast is
    an ambassador of Hawaii to the United States and the rest of the
    world. For Scott Caan, an integral member of the Hawaii Five-O
    cast, to make such derogatory comments concerning Hawaii’s people,
    culture, and environment, he opposes the intentions of the show as
    well as the realities of Hawaii. Please replace Scott Caan, Hawaii
    Five-0! You can do better. Scott Caan Leave.

  30. I think it’s just one person’s perspective comparing his
    life here on Oahu versus where he came from, which obviously is
    where he prefers. Unfortunately it’s mainly a negative conversation
    about some negative aspects of living here, when in reality there
    are many more of us who love it here. You want good food? Go to
    Yama’s! You like to hustle? I have to wonder about that….you get
    to stay in a beautiful place where time slows down, at least for
    you, and find stuff to do in between your acting sets. Now is the
    time for self inflection, for exploration, to perhaps notice the
    gifts you are missing while ‘hustling’ through life.

  31. Its too bad he made these comments and I am glad he apologized, but he made Oahu sound like it is not a great place to live. I would take Oahu by a million leaps and bounds over any LA. Oahu is my favorite place I’ve ever lived, and I’ve lived in some pretty good places. But to each his own.

  32. TTD Films says:

    a lot of people are starting to sound like these two angry local braddahs LOL

    how has this interview caused this much of an uproar in hawai’i? the fact that it was a public interview and that he’s a main actor on Hawai’i 5-0 (thus in a way making him an “ambassador” as some people have put it) is the only thing i see making what he said “wrong”. but “wrong” from a PR stand point. outside of this public context, was anything he said really “wrong”? did he say anything non factual?

    1) the food thing, who cares, everyone has different taste in food so while I winced a bit at that because i love the food here, I still don’t see anything “wrong” outside of him saying it in this public context. everyone has a different taste in food and if you’re not particular in asian fusion, then guess what, you’re not gonna like Hawai’i since majority of it is that. i have friends who are vegetarian who come to hawai’i who don’t like the food because majority of it is meat. stuff like someones taste in food, you cannot help.

    2) meth is HUGE problem in hawai’i, maybe not to the extent of crack on the east coast in the 80s but to act as if they’re talking blasphemy?! what rock you guys living under?! you crazy and need to leave the comfort of townside home and come over to westside o’ahu where meth in many ways are more accessible than weed. there’s a reason why they were able to make an entire show about a bounty hunter catching meth heads. again, factual, but “wrong” to talk about because of the public forum.

    3) him saying “hawai’i has no hustle” and people going crazy is tripping me out. have you lived in LA? have you lived in new york? hawai’i has NO COMPARABLE hustle and we should be proud of that. it’s why people wanna come here for vacation and to retire. it’s why people call hawai’i “paradise”. he grew up in an industry that’s nonstop, crazy, fast, and cut-throat. an industry where if you say “i’ll do that tomorrow” it could cost you a job, an opportunity, or even millions of dollars. that’s what he’s used to. why do you want to be compared to that? in hawai’i, many people’s idea of a “productive day” is going to the post office after work before going grocery shopping. “but i work 2-3 jobs! and have kids to go home to! how can he say i’m not hustling” no one’s knocking on that. that’s amazing and everyone respects that. but what’s your SIDE HUSTLE? what are you doing to bring you to a better lifestyle, financial freedom, and/or not having to work 2-3 jobs? THAT’S what he’s talking about. having that ultimate goal and actually working towards it. it’s harder for us to have that EXTRA HUSTLE here because we have everything that anyone needs in hawai’i. we have the safety net of such strong family values, a community where everyone knows each other and is willing to help, friends, good food, beautiful beaches, the ability to have an amazing outdoor/active lifestyle for FREE! we have what we have and it’s all that we need! WE LIVE IN PARADISE! while the cost of living is higher here than the national average, the cost of ACTUALLY LIVING LIFE is lower and so there’s no need to “hustle” at the ridiculously unnecessary and selfish level that he’s referring to. BE PROUD OF THAT!

    4) he said that surfing here is so difficult that it’s more like survival than fun and so he prefers malibu. people got made at this… seriously??

    again, nothing non-factual or “wrong” but definitely the wrong forum to have this conversation. i was much more disappointed at the responses and outcry from hawai’i than what he actually said. i know we’re very passionate people but let’s not make ourselves out to look like uneducated savages. the mainland already thinks we’re like that without us making such a big stink over silly videos! haha

    kill’em with aloha, my hawai’i people, kill’em with aloha! and hey, more food for us!! haha

  33. P Alexander says:

    Aloha! Loved the video. I don’t know what Hawaii Caan’s talking about! The Hawaii I visited(Oahu 2012) has me counting the years until my kid gets through school so retired hubby and I can move there. Shoot, Hawaii people are so friendly, I made three life friends on-line 3yrs. before I even went there. I wonder if they have a spot for a good-looking older African American lady on 5-0? Scott certainly doesn’t deserve it! I hate backstabbers… so I’m sending a lot of Aloha to him for a cure, lol. Mahalo nui loa again for the cute video. Shaka to ya! Aloha

  34. Carroll Hanks says:

    If Scott Caan is leaving Hawaii 50 I say GREAT! He is a whiney little biotch and can’t act any better than his old man. He bitches and complains all the time. Imagine in 2015 this doofus wears a damn duck tail hairdo!

  35. M Anderson says:

    Been to Hawaii many times. Love the people, food, culture. One important fact we should all remember is we are the visitor and should blend with the Hawaiian culture not attack it. Some locals don’t like the tourists and that is fine. I just stay out of their way. This doesn’t change how I feel about this beautiful place. And as far as the food I LOVE it. There is an abundance of food choices so don’t know what that is about. From the little hole in the wall to a 5 star restaurant I have had better food at the hole in the wall. Aloha

  36. Mike says:

    I did not think he was attacking Hawaii at all. I lived there for a year and I went stir crazy. I agree with him. I still love to come back for vacations but after two weeks I am ready to go back home.
    California. He made a few comments about his own experiences. Gosh no reason to attack him so badly.

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