Latest Startup Weekend Honolulu Winners Named

The first Startup Weekend Honolulu of 2014 wrapped up tonight at The Box Jelly, with the final pitches and judging closing out 54 hours of creativity and entrepreneurial activity. And the winners are:

Honorable Mention: Tidy Panda


An app to fix the bad roommate problem, sorting out chores and facilitating communication while generating revenue through sales of household supplies. jokingly described by one attendee as a “passive-aggressive application with the potential to cause more murders than Gacy.”

Third Place: Karat


An app that simply displays the current value of a Bitcoin. “Digital currency doesn’t have to be complicated,” the team says. “In fact, it probably shouldn’t be. Let’s make things simpler.”

Second Place: NameHub


Spearheaded by Mark and Tiffany Quezada, “Discover domains, grow ideas,” is the slogan. “A community where you can share domain names and discover the ideas floating around in your network.” As a domain name hoarder, this was my favorite.

Winner: Green Apple


An app to crowdfund school supplies to help teachers who inevitably buy classroom supplies out of their own pockets. Teachers would create a registry or wishlist and parents and the community would support them by buying the supplies for them.

You can watch tonight’s pitches here, courtesy the Social Media Club of Hawaii.

Judges for this round included Eric Nakagawa, co-founder of I Can Has Cheezburger and SimpleHoney (acquired by OpenCoin), Steve Markowitz, angel investor and co-founder of, Bernard Uy, co-founder of Wall-to-Wall Studios, Meli James, program manager of Blue Startups, Devin Egan, co-founder of LaunchKey and Startup Weekend Las Vegas winner, and George Kellerman, partner at 500 Startups.

5 Responses

  1. Alex Cortez says:

    As someone who ‘likes’ purchasing and holding dozens of domain names, I can see the functionality/use for and I hope they continue to do well. Thanks for the info, Ryan.

  2. Paula Bender says:

    Now that I’m a substitute teacher, and since I’ve been a Hawaii DOE school mom since 2004, I am fully aware of the needs of our teachers. Just this past weekend I went to Fisher Hawaii to buy folder paper and Bic stic pens in red and blue. I am also scrounging around our vehicles and the house for old but worthy pencils. I may sub out here in Hawaii Kai, but there are a lot of kids who do not have a pencil or a piece of paper. It can be quite disruptive. I want to minimize that disruptive impact and satisfy the need so I can move on with the lessons. Green Apple gets my vote.

    As for Tidy Panda: Might be good for getting children to do chores around the house? Husbands? Heh!

  3. Thanks for the great write-up, Ryan! Awesome to see a bunch of great services coming out of SWHNL ’14.

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