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Paonangisi Beach by Phillip Capper

Science Cafe to Explore Pacific Island Plants and People

This month’s Honolulu Science Cafe will feature a prominent Honolulu botanist who will talk about the plants and the people of the island nation of Vanuatu. Tom Ranker is a professor and the chairman of the botany department at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He joined UH in 2008, after an...

Agripharmatech: From Weeds to Medicine

Agripharmatech: From Weeds to Medicine

For the first time in six years and over 300 shows, Bytemarks Cafe escaped from the basement studio at Hawaii Public Radio and headed out into the field to record on location. Burt and I headed over to Windward Community College to learn about the new agripharmatech program. We spent the full hour with...