Agripharmatech: From Weeds to Medicine


For the first time in six years and over 300 shows, Bytemarks Cafe escaped from the basement studio at Hawaii Public Radio and headed out into the field to record on location. Burt and I headed over to Windward Community College to learn about the new agripharmatech program. We spent the full hour with Dr. Inge White and her lab assistant (and former student) Nyan Stillwell, and they told us about the program, their facilities on campus, and the kinds of nutritional and pharmaceutical benefits they’ve been able to derive from common backyard plants.

We were able to go on location thanks to the talents of HPR multimedia producer (and fellow Mililani High School alumni) Jason Taglianetti. He wrangled two separate setups that included a handheld, two-microphone rig that let us tromp around outside in the garden.

It was a lot of fun, and hopefully successful enough to pave the way for future remote shows. You can hear the episode here (MP3 file):

And check out my gallery of photos from the WCC visit on Flickr:

Agripharmatech Gallery

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