Epic “LOST” Fan Bonnie Craft Passes

Bonnie @andalone Craft

This was an incredible week for “LOST” fans. With the 10th anniversary of the hit TV show came dozens of tributes from all corners of the world, including a fantastic package of stories by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. The Lost 2014 tour, years in the making, brought hundreds of fans to “The Island” to revel in their fantastic fandom. And while Jen and I were unable to participate directly, we were able to meet up here and there with many visiting “LOST” addicts.

Unfortunately, the fantastic “LOST” fan gathering wraps on a sad note, with news coming today that one of the show’s biggest fans has died. Cancer Gets Lost, founded by friend and fantastic person Jo Garfein, announced the death of Bonnie Craft.

Bonnie was quite possibly the world’s most dedicated LOST fan and this community was her family… Bonnie and her passionate enthusiasm will be missed, and we know that the entire LOST community shares our grief for this tremendous loss.

Indeed, Bonnie was a huge fan of “LOST.” Beyond huge, easily epic. On Twitter as @andalone, she was a constant, passionate, positive voice for “LOST” fans. She wrote extensively about the show and her massive “LOST” memorabilia collection on not one, but two blogs. In the weeks leading up to the Lost 2014 tour, she could barely contain her excitement about making the trip from Memphis, Tennessee to Honolulu.

How excited? She posted a “LOST” T-shirt every day for over 50 days, counting down to the big trip.

Unfortunately, her flight was delayed on Friday, and she wasn’t feeling well. Her fellow fans reached out to her often, but she wasn’t able to participate in much of the program. She didn’t post to Twitter after Saturday, and today her sister reached out on Twitter to try and find more information. Not long afterward, Cancer Gets Lost announced that she had passed away.

Tweets about @andalone

The outpouring of grief on Twitter and on her Facebook page is heartbreaking, yet heartwarming. Perhaps one of the more notable message for Bonnie came from Henry Ian Cusick, one her favorite actor from the show.

As one fellow fan posted on Facebook, “She absolutely would be screaming!”

“LOST” fans are truly a tight-knit and global community, in both love and loss. My condolences to Bonnie’s friends and family.

4 Responses

  1. Randy Lively says:

    Bonnie was my daughter. She was a remarkable woman and all of our family will miss her. Thanks for your tribute to her, it has made me very proud.

    I am approaching my 80 th birthday and your recognition of is deeply appreciated.

  2. Matthew carter says:

    Bonnie was my mom. She is the most well mannered- kind hearted people you’ll ever meet. I appreciate your love, prayers, and support greatly. This woman put me through college and went the extra mile in everything she did to make sure me and my brother were taken care of. I can’t believe this happened and the pain sinks deeper than anythkng imaginable… All my enthusiasm and passion to make this world a greater place… Well… I get that from her… I’m very proud of my mom. There is so much I wanted to do with her. I’m just thankful she died living her dream. I’ve lost so many tears and I apologize for being emotional, but the world lost the greatest mom in the world. #flyhighNAMASTE!

  3. Lisa Ketchum says:

    Bonnie was a dear friend for 20 years. She was a beautiful person inside and out, someone I admired very much and wanted to be more like. Her light touched many and she will be greatly missed.

  4. Matthew carter says:

    Grandpa… This message is to randy lively… Please get in contact with me. I haven’t seen you since your lifetime achievement award in 2003 we need to have some words. 662-420-4938

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