Fair and Balanced?

FoxNews biased? No surprise, really, there. Still, makes this little piece of satire taste extra nice. [MeFi]

Myself, I’m still a little irked at Joe Moore, who irks everyone, on some level, all the time. No sooner had I read about media consultants advising outlets against appearing too negative on the war — and learning only last week that other growing pro-war rallies are being stoked by Clear Channel radio stations — I find KHON bending over backwards to cover a planned demonstration “in support of our troops!”

Sure, they covered the anti-war demonstrations, but (1.) they were pretty substantial and (2.) they were easy to cover… the march went right past their Piikoi Street studio. You sure didn’t see them giving a daily countdown in advance of those rallies, or doing everything short of directly urging viewers to participate… telling them the details (with sharp infographics) down to the times and intersections to go to.

And boy, did Joe look smug. Almost as smug as he did when he plugged his new movie… after he was told by KHON management to knock it off.
I’m almost glad I missed KHON’s inevitably prominent and positive “coverage” of the rallies they supported. I wouldn’t have be able to repress a scream.

I should submit this to Jon Asato’s Being Joe Moore

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  1. Beth says:

    Guy Hagi should replace Joe Moore. :)

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