Wrong Number

How’s this for a bizarre way to start off a week? My cell phone just rang with a call coming from the 732 area code (New Brunswick, New Jersey, according to this lookup site). I picked it up and said, “Hello, this is Ryan.”

“Hi,” came a woman’s voice, obviously holding back some amount of frustration. “Is this the main number for ClearChannel Communications?”

“Er, no,” I said, thinking, “I sure as hell hope not.”

I think it was confusion relating to “808” versus “818” or something. My phone number is all 7s, 3s and 2s, and I get lots of wrong numbers. But never before one from New Jersey, or one asking if I was that company. Eew.

1 Response

  1. lara says:

    hehe. i LIVE in the 732 area code. :) but it wasn’t me calling, i swear!

    (longtime reader, semi-lurker)

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