Buzznet Sucks

No notice. No explanation. Unbelievable. Buzznet deleted my moblog. (The photos syndicated at right are now coming from my backup moblog at apparently superior rival TextAmerica.) Usually you’d expect this kind of complaint from someone who posted pictures he shouldn’t have posted. Instead, it’s because Buzznet decided my username was too good to let go.

For the past several weeks, if you haven’t been checking, I’ve been happily moblogging life here in the islands at ‘‘. Pictures of rainbows, local architecture, family and friends. Well, within the last 24 hours, the address has been turned into one of its open communities, and my pictures are gone. I can log in, but now my homepage or messages or anything just don’t exist.

Never mind the fact that all the other regional groups (save Canada) are named for cities instead of states, or that friends of mine had requested a ‘honolulu’ group as it is to fit in with the rest and got no response.

I could almost understand their feeling stupid in not having saved ‘hawaii’ for themselves. But the fact that my moblog was just deleted with no warning is unacceptable.

3 Responses

  1. Ryan says:

    Okay, so they apologized, and now my photos are back. Meanwhile, TextAmerica seems to be buggy. So the question is, where do I go now?

  2. angeline says:

    I’m gathering from all the moblogging services around that for some reason, mobloggers are unable to upload to their own sites? If so, that stinks. You shouldn’t have to be tethered to buggy products that might swipe your username out from under you. I wish I knew how to help you, but I don’t know diddly about moblogging.

  3. Richard says:

    Text America is better. Plus I think one of the owners is from Hawaii.

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