Ah, Hilo

My new job doesn’t take me to the exotic, international destinations that my old job did, but it is taking me to Hilo next month. So, I’m taking my whole family. Jen and the kids for a whole, glorious, lazy, three-day Big Island trip, but my mother and brother as well for a one-day pilgrimage to our ancestral stomping grounds in North Kohala.

Airline tickets in the works, minivan reserved, hotel accommodations arranged. I can smell the sharp volcanic air and taste the loco moco already. I can’t wait.

2 Responses

  1. Insane, insane jealousy. With pimentos, even. You understand you must eat at least one Loco Moco specifically for me, of course. I’ve become adept at making them myself but it’s not even vaguely the same.

    Grumble snarl,

  2. Jen says:

    You make locos, Nate-ums? Do you make your gravy from scratch? If so, I must have your recipe.

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