Jen’s parents were supposed to have visited for Alex’s arrival (as well as for Jen’s brother’s new daughter, who came a week later). But just before they were to leave, Hurricane Charley scrapped their plans, their windows blowing in even though Daytona Beach was supposed to have been in the clear. The cleanup required time, energy, and money, and postponed their trip until this month.

Now, another hurricane, Hurricane Frances, is roaring in, and it’s even more menacing than the last, this one coming in straight off the Atlantic with even stronger winds.

Evacuation orders for their area, Volusia County, just went out.

I hope they can weather this storm. I hope their place is spared, and that they can get a now well-earned break here in Hawaii.

Yesterday I told Jen, “They might as well move here.” She correctly observed, “Well, we’re overdue for a hurricane ourselves.”

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