Guitars Cry

A quirky interview with Björk in Newsweek, talking about her new album, “Medulla,” and how she went from a full orchestra to nothing but human voices.

“I just got put off with civilization and religion and wanted to dig down to the human spirit. I was influenced by the war and fed up with politicians’ ego trips. They are blind to so many things in the world: planets going in circles, flowers growing, people telling bad jokes, people making cutlery, whatever. There’s all these things, but suddenly politics are 95 percent of our lives.”

People making cutlery. I love it.

As she reads this, my wife is dreading the thought of me firing up iTunes

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  1. NemesisVex says:

    I think “Medulla” will easily lodge itself into my year’s end favorite list. “Vespertine” bored me silly, but “Medulla” is quite amazing. Sort of reminds me of Meredith Monk.

    “Like carpets and bottles and cutlery/Or whatever I find lying around” …

  2. Dreama says:

    What Greg said. Plus: Bjork is still an alien.

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