Katie Squared

Even though it was almost six years ago, I still sometimes grin with pride when I remember that Katie was on the front page of the Star-Bulletin. She (and I) were captured at a rally to save the paper, at the time facing a shutdown.

I’m not quite sure, however, how to feel about the competition adopting Katie for their newspaper racks. Yes, that’s Katie, spotted in a gas station (of all places), as part of a Honolulu Advertiser placard promoting an educational fundraiser.

The photo is from a recent education insert the Advertiser did, and of course we signed a release. Nonetheless, it was quite a surprise to be in a mini mart only to find your own kid on display.

Next, the New York Times!

1 Response

  1. Keith says:

    I was thinking that famous face looked familiar. Congrats on having a photogenic daughter!

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