Got Rice?

Eric Rice, who covers the triumvirate of “voxmedia” by blogging, podcasting, and videoblogging (just don’t call him a blogger, podcaster, or a videoblogger), has announced “The Podcast (and Videoblog) Roadshow.” And like all good tours, he’s starting off here in Hawaii.

I think it was during a previous visit in December that Eric first made the jump to video. I kept finding his name everywhere as I looked for — for lack of a better, less-trendy sounding word — convergence of text, audio, and video in the “personal publishing” (or “citizen media”) space.

Hopefully, the folks in the Hawaii Association of Podcasters will be able to serve as a welcoming committee of sorts. In the meantime, I’m going to have to find more local videobloggers.

Looks like Hilton started his vlog just in time!

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  1. Eric Rice says:

    Yo dude, it was actually back in June 2004 ;-)

    But yeah, I’ll provide more details about getting as many people together Sunday night… I’m running blind as this is SOOO last minute… maybe meet at the Apple Store in Ala Moana and get some coffeeene at Honolulu Roasting Co? …. Just ideas… will be in touch soon. -ER (Great work, btw, for your local podcasting ohana)

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