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Congratulations to Hawaii Island bloggers Hunter Bishop and Aaron Stene for being named the Big Island’s best websites or blogs by the Hawaii Island Journal.

“He’s a true citizen journalist with opinions about all things Kona and a willingness to share them in both the New Media and the Old,” the Hawaii Island Journal says of Stene, noting his many letters to the editor published in the West Hawaii Today. Meanwhile, the editors note, “Bishop sees this instant two-way communication and instant access to the discussions as real advantages.”

“I’m really gratified and surprised of the recognition,” writes Stene. “I know my opinions can cause a firestorm. But at least my heart is in the right place.”

The brief piece also mentions Bishop’s comment moderation, and singles out his “most troubling gaffe,” a focus on the negative with which he wasn’t especially pleased. Says he: “But any mention is better than none, right?”

With the brief moment of alt-weekly fame, Bishop used the opportunity to “trumpet the highlights of my first year in the blogosphere,” including his reporting on Hawaii County Councilwoman Emily Naeole’s Fifth District office and the “treachery and misdeeds” of former legislative aide Barbara Hale.

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  1. Trying to make some contact with Big Island social dancing. Very difficult. Mahalo.

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