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No doubt about it, Steve Jobs loves Hawaii. One of the newest television ads for the revolutionary iPhone, “All The Parts,” prominently features the Kapalua Resort.

In the commercial, the omnipresent iPhone hand model looks up the current weather conditions in Lahaina, checks the traffic around San Francisco International Airport, then browses the website of the Maui hotel. The shot lingers long enough for millions of viewers to read, “Located on Maui’s northwest shore, the pristine Kapalua Resort stretches from emerald mountain peaks to the edge of the glistening Pacific Ocean…”

It can’t be a coincidence. Back when the iPhone was first announced by Steve Jobs, I noticed that his historic stage demonstration included a photo of Hawaii that he e-mailed to a coworker.

The folks at the Kapalua Resort (and the HVCB) should be elated. You can’t buy publicity (or “cool by association”) like this!

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2 Responses

  1. cw says:

    this isn’t super on subject but i’ve been loving the shots you’re flickering with that new iphone ryan!!


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