Carnival of Aloha

Local blogger Evelyn Hunter of Homespun Honolulu has unveiled the first “Carnival of Aloha,” highlighting blogs in and about the Aloha State.

A “blog carnival,” explains the eponymous dot-com, is “a particular kind of blog community.” Compared to magazines, they’re published periodically and compiled by an editor, who frequently decides on a topic or theme.

The first “Carnival of Aloha” includes an entry from the infamous Aunty Pupule, a.k.a. Lynn Vasquez, and a recap of a Hawaii visit published in the excellent “Rat Hunter Diaries.” There’s also an item about an Aloha Airlines jet published in the “Aircrew Buzz” blog.

The latter two, though, are mainland-based blogs and aren’t usually focused on the islands. And the remaining submissions? While undoubtedly about Hawaii, they’re from commercial blogs that are as much about revenue-generating keywords as they are about anything else.

A blog carnival highlighting local bloggers is a brilliant idea, though, and long overdue. There are certainly lots of excellent bloggers in Hawaii that deserve attention. Here’s hoping future tours through the local blogosphere turn up more genuine island gems. And to that end, I hope to submit something, anything, the next time the “Carnival of Aloha” comes around.

For more information, visit the official “Carnival of Aloha” page at Blog Carnival, where you can browse through the archives, submit your own entries, and even volunteer to host.

6 Responses

  1. I’ll have to check it out. Ryan do you have any recommendations for a good weekly Hawaii Podcast (audio). I just found out the VBrown is not going to do 808talk after next week. I liked the mix of island news, music, history etc. it had. (I miss your HawaiiUp podcast:( )

  2. christa says:

    i had a really hard time understanding that link this time ryan. it almost looked like one of those fake ad landing pages. then again. it’s early.

    and geoff you can check out club301 podcast if you don’t mind swearing and inappropriate content. i mean, it’s a weekly podcast. don’t say i didn’t warn you though :)

  3. Crista thanks but I would like something a little more PG :)

  4. Evelyn says:

    Thank you, Ryan, for your comments. I’m sorry it left a bit of a bad taste with you. The carnival was designed for posts about Hawaii and will accept posts from both local bloggers about life in Hawaii, or from bloggers elsewhere telling readers about the experiences they had here when visiting. Posts with commercial content or non-family friendly material will not be accepted. I’m hoping that more bloggers will submit their posts! I have tried to get people interested and submit their posts. It might be easier for those who are interested to see the guidelines.

  5. Ryan says:

    Evelyn, I meant it when I said I think it’s a fantastic idea, long overdue, and merely needed someone, anyone, to get it going. That’s the hardest part, and really, it’s a failing of all of us, the rest of us, myself particularly included, that it took so long to come together, and that participation was limited.

    Your enthusiasm was incredible, and I think publishing the first carnival was the biggest hurdle you’ll face. It should get only easier and better, and with reminders and prodding from you, and bloggers like me getting off our duff and submitting entries, I’m confident subsequent rounds will be fantastic.

  6. Evelyn says:

    I know they will, Ryan. I know they can only get better as we go along because there really are a lot of talented and fun bloggers out there! I just need to hassle them more effectively. Submissions and promises have started coming in already! I’m hoping for some serious posts too! Some good political or news worthy posts would be most welcome, Ryan. Even if they’re “prophetic” in nature about outcomes of elections or other popular news topics, Ryan. Do you feel hassled yet? :) Seriously, I thank you for both your clarification and your forbearance.

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