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Leslie WilcoxPBS Hawaii has stepped boldly into the blogosphere with the launch of Coffee Break with Leslie Wilcox, where the station’s new president and CEO aims to “break the glass” of the TV and interact directly with viewers and the local community.

Leslie’s first entry opens with a memory from her childhood, then introduces some new educational shows on PBS Kids. Her next post taps her 30 years of television experience, which set the stage for PBS Hawaii’s newest original program, “Long Story Short.”

From the moment she took the helm, Leslie has been committed to bringing a more authentic, local voice to PBS Hawaii. And having worked with the PBS Hawaii team, I know that there are always countless stories swirling behind the scenes, just begging to be told. Leslie is a hands-on leader, and an articulate and down-to-earth communicator, and so I’m hopeful her “Coffee Break” blog will quickly become an invaluable window into her work, into public television, and into the community it serves.

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  1. Doug says:

    It’s too bad that Wilcox’s blog shares a title with Jerry Coffee’s column in MidWeek.

  1. November 1, 2007

    […] only been a few weeks since Leslie Wilcox started blogging at PBS Hawaii, but the local public television station is already pushing even further into the […]

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