LOST in the Middle East [Updated]


Though “LOST” production started in earnest on Monday, March 10, work was largely limited to the Hawaii Film Studio on Diamond Head. Today, however, substantial construction work was coming together in urban Honolulu for a two-day location shoot beginning tomorrow. The crew has been building a dusty, rubble-strewn Middle Eastern town in the back corner of a school.

What town is being depicted? The signage appears to be in Sanskrit Arabic, and the campus-wide alert advising students and staff of the filming described it as an “Iraq/Afghanistan scene” — but this may be was a guess. I’m told at least one scene is a Tunisian hotel.

There was a remarkable amount of carpentry and concrete, with new structures going up in front of an existing facade of low-rise apartments. Military trucks and wrecked cars stood guard in front of roadside stands selling pottery and used luggage. A large archway seemed to serve as the centerpiece of the scene.

Filming is scheduled for both tomorrow and Friday, and no doubt students will gather to watch between classes. The first star sightings will likely provide the best clue as to whose character’s story will be covered in Episode 4×09 (dubbed “Bakir” by spoiler-trackers thanks to its casting call). I’m told at least two familiar faces, Sayid (Naveen Andrews) and Ben (Michael Emerson), will make appearances.



Check out the rest of my photos here (63 photos in the set).

UPDATE: A little birdie tells me we’ll see Sayid (Naveen Andrews) and Ben (Michael Emerson) in Tunisia. Edits above.

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  1. Llefenni says:

    The language looks like arabic, maybe, not sanskrit – so that would back up that it’s an Iraqi / Afghanistani scene.

    Great blog by the way, first time reader and I’m getting really interested!

  2. Adam Godfrey says:

    Hey Ryan, I love the show!! I am actually coming to Hawai’i April 4-14. I would love to see LOST being filmed or even possibly go to a casting call and try to be an extra! Do you have any suggestions for me? I am so pumped about going to Hawai’i. What a benefit that they will be filming then!! Who knows I might run into you there!!

  3. Ryan says:

    Thanks, Llefenni, I think you’re right about the Arabic signs. And thanks, “Toy Soldier,” for the extra details. Adam, I rely on fate or coincidence to catch “LOST” at work, but send me an e-mail when you’re in town and I’ll keep an extra eye out for you!

  4. Marcel Haußmann says:

    I read your Blog since last year, great job man.
    Now that i’m here in Hawaii i hope i be lucky enough to see some shooting.

  5. sofia says:

    I realy envy you!!!! I wish I could be there and see al this that you are able to see!!! How do you do it??? You hunt for locations or work for the production???

    Cool!!! Hope you can give me some tips when I go to hawaii!!! So I can see actual filming!!!

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  2. March 26, 2008

    […] however, indicate that the flashback/forward (probably the latter) takes place in Iraq and that Michael Emerson (Ben) is filming scenes there with Naveen Andrews (Sayid).  Other reports […]

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