Hawaii iPod Beach Chairs

Hawaii iPod Beach Chair

Macworld writer Dan Frakes was vacationing with his family on Kauai last week, and strolled into the gift shop at Kokee Lodge. Nestled among the usual “Hawaii-themed souvenirs, tchotchkes, and crafts,” however, he spotted a miniature beach chair. Just the right size to give your iPod or iPhone a cozy perch. Frakes notes:

The chairs are functional, as well: the bottom of each chair’s seat has a small opening for Apple’s dock-connector cable, so you can actually charge and sync your iPod or iPhone while it’s relaxing.

Tragically, while he was amused by them, he didn’t buy one… a decision he now regrets.

It looks like you can buy at least one other Hawaii-themed cell phone beach chair online (depicted holding such old-school artifacts as TV remotes and phone handsets), but the fabric pattern doesn’t seem quite as tropically delicious as the ones Frakes found on the Garden Isle.

3 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    I picked up a cell phone beach chair on a trip to Hawaii a few years ago. My iPhone now relaxes on it all day on my desk at work. It’s a great conversation piece. I still get asked about it even after a couple of years and several cell phone models.

  2. john says:

    check out: http://www.mamkoimports.com

    I just bought mine there-

  3. Susan says:

    Our family vacationed in Hawaii and purchased 12 of these beach chairs for our 12 phones. It was so funny to see all 12 phones sitting in a circle on the table with a candle in the middle.
    I chuckle every time I think about it! Of course I bought some for gifts to bring home!!

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